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There’s no shortage of companies that offer beautician courses, but which companies can you trust? And which schools will provide the quality of training you need to get your foot in the door at a salon — or to have the confidence to start something of your own?

Not all beauty colleges are the same, but taking a look at one or two factors will help you choose if a school you are considering is worth spending your time and money.

Here are five things you need to consider when deciding if the beautician courses at a specific college are right for you:

1. The history of the establishment.

Beauty schools seem to be springing up everywhere nowadays, and a number of them may do a satisfactory job of training pupils for careers in the field. But how can you be sure? To be certain that a school has what’s required to get you through your academic programme successfully, look at the history of the institution. It needs to have a long record of successfully graduating students. If you’re not sure about a school’s past, ask them. Then, ask around your town and amongst your friends to see if you can dig up any negative information.

2. Its accreditation status.

Academies in every industry can seek accreditation from acceptable associations that recognise the quality of education provided and maybe oversee of the school’s programs. There are several bodies that recognize the standard of beautician courses, but none is more respected than CIDESCO. Academies that consistently provide good educational experiences are accredited by this organisation. Others may or may not do a good job.

3. The quality of its staff and instructors.

At some schools, the person attempting to teach your beautician courses might be just out of school. For a top quality education, it is important that your instructors are high-quality professionals with lenghty experience in the field. Your programme instructors should have both realworld work experience as well as teaching experience to demonstrate that they know what you have got to know and can convey it to you.

4. Its admission standards.

Schools that will admit any person might be in it for the money. Quality trade, technical, art and beautician colleges all have standards that students must meet before admission. These standards vary by school and industry, naturally, but you do not need to enroll in a beauty college that isn’t concerned with your past educational experiences.

5. Whether it feels right.

You can just tell when something isn’t right , can’t you? A great school should be willing to show you around, introduce you to current students and answer all of your questions before you have invested any money in training with them. In addition, the atmosphere of the school should be very enjoyable but professional. If it doesn’t feel right to you, it most likely isn’t.

If you take these five things under consideration before choosing a beauty school, you stand a good chance of success. If you do not, things may not go as well as you are expecting.

Isabel Carstens is owner and MD of the ISA Carstens Beauty College and is committed to helping others find their passion in life, particularly if she can help them enroll in a somatology course.

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