A Simple Explanation Of The Bible Scriptures

The Bible scriptures are open and elaborate for us to decipher and have always withstood the centuries tumultuous times and seasons. They are Gods word expressly laid out for us to earn wisdom and teaching. The teachings in the scriptures are consistent and can be relied on for spiritual nourishment of the soul. Different people come up with closely similar explanation of the Bible scriptures but the interpretations might be different.

A believer should read distinctly and gain the sense of it. Getting the cause of it will enable them to finally claim that they have understood the information. Christianity is centered on gaining an understanding of Jesus teachings and the scriptures. The Bible is read so as to comprehend and discover meaningful teachings that have been placed for us by God.

The Bible is divided into the Old and New testaments. The writings contained in the Old Testament are full of historical events, stories, genealogies as well as prophecies. On the other hand the New Testament contains teachings, letters and historical counts of Christ.

There are times you might converse with your family, a friend or a neighbor in a conversation involving the scripture and the response might be quite vague. Some of bible scriptures contain teachings that you will have to view with an open mind to decipher. The guidance of the Holy Spirit will provide understanding. The Bible in Psalms 119:11: “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” The understanding of scripture requires the reader to be able to paraphrase it and applying an open attitude and you will be able to understand more of God word.

It is a common practice nowadays in the religious world for people to quote verses from the Bible without really having knowledge of what is quoted. The words from the scripture are branded as sound bites rather than distinctive statements of holy meaning from the Almighty. In our present day society people are giving more focus to the way the words sound rather than the sense conveyed.

The scripture can also be largely misinterpreted by the religious leaders. This happened back then and also in our modern day society. Nicodemus belief in literal primary definitions made him not understand how he could get back into the womb of his mother. We also see in modern society how preachers take a single ambiguous scripture and create a sermon that hardly relates so as to be able to come up with a sermon that is acceptable among faithful.

Understanding the scripture comes with great benefits to one spiritually. We do see many instances whereby the Jews had knowledge of these scriptures but they did not understand their meaning. Instances are such as in Mathew 9:13; 12:7; 22:23-33; Acts 13:27. A lot of people have given up on the holy book claiming that if learned scholars themselves have not been able to amicably arrive at a common stand on scripture, then the truth is totally elusive.

Jesus used to be very particular in judging the clergy then who would criticize his disciples of being spiritually ignorant. The particular instance is when they plucked corn so as to eat on the much revered Sabbath day. Explanation of the scriptures can be gained from people who are take Bible as a holy religious book than those who view it as a historical book.

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