Best Culinary Art Schools in the U.S.

by Kyle Mathews

Once you commit to the idea that you hope to become a certified chef, you’ll want to start narrowing down the choices of culinary art schools.

Here are a few select culinary art schools in the U.S. that may meet your needs:

The Famous Le Cordon Bleu Schools

One of the top chef schools in the world, Le Cordon Bleu of North American offers a host of different classes in the culinary arts arena including French Pastery, Hospitality Management. Le Cordon Bleu specializes in presenting European cuisine using modern kitchen equipment and proprietary techniques under the sharp eyes of their certified chefs.

The Le Cordon Bleu culinary art schools are located in Pasadena, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta and many other locations. Aspiring chefs can request a free info pack from this fine culinary institute and even arrange to take classes in more than one location.

The Culinary Arts Institute

International Culinary Arts School|The Intl. Culinary Arts School at the Art Institutes is another example of a well known cooking school you may want to consider. With locations all across the nation such as NY, Atlanta and Pittsburg, you may find it well suited to launch your culinary art education here.

Student chef classes include the Art of Cooking, Baking & Pastry, Wine & Spirits and Culinary Arts. If you have a love for great food, but an eye for business, Hotel & Restaurant Management, Entrepreneurship & Restaurant Management, and Restaurant & Catering Management are also available courses. The chef classes offered vary by area, so you are well advised to contact the culinary art schools location you are considering to visit well in advance so you know exactly what is available to you. Comprehensive information packages are available for download upon request.

L’Ecole Culinary Arts Institute

If you reside in the Midwest and want to discover culinary art schools in St. Louis, you may want to check out L’Ecole Culinaire. The cooking classes you’ll participate in here will definitely prepare you for preparing everything from classic Italian fare such as hand-made pasta, Tuscan pizzas, and fresh vegetable dishes, to Southern dishes and traditional French foods.

The L’Ecole Culinaire is one of the more unique culinary art schools because they offer offer a structure based on a ten-week educational phase rather than on traditional college semesters or quarters. Students take only one major course during each phase, letting them to concentrate their studies and get the most from their chef school experience.

L’Ecole Culinaire currently presents Culinary Essentials and an Associates Degree.

The World Famous Culinary Institute of America

The Culinary Institute of America is one of the world’s premier culinary art schools specializing in a thirty week Culinary Certificate Program as well as the culinary, baking, pastry and degree programs.

In addition to their main location in Hyde Park, New York, the CIA also has a couple of culinary art schools to for your aspiring chef needs. The CIA in St. Helena, CA and the CIA in San Antonio, TX.

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