Beware Of Fake College Diplomas

The demand for phony qualifications has existed since the start of higher education. Reports suggest that diploma mills have been a lucrative business since the mid nineteenth century. The internet has provided a global marketplace for fake college diplomas.

This example of the token coursework required by some diploma mills is typical of the way that misinformation is used to persuade customers to fall for degree scams. Some gullible people will actually believe that they have earned a qualification as valid as that from a genuine college. Other less scrupulous individuals are well aware that they are buying phony credentials to fraudulently get ahead in the rat-race.

Recent rapid growth in this illicit industry puts many more students into college courses for which they are not genuinely qualified to study. Similarly, many more people have conned their way into jobs for which they are not suitably educated. The net is full of advertisements for “authentic fraudulent diplomas” and “phony transcripts” for any school or university, the same paper used by high schools, colleges or universities and original college diploma layouts that the unscrupulous can buy and complete for themselves.

In Canada, officials busted a counterfeit degree ring and recovered dozens of stunningly realistic copies of degrees from prestigious Canadian higher education institutions. Even watermarks from university letterheads had been replicated. Professors in genuine West African universities are selling degrees on the side. Queensland Hospital, Australia was found to have medical personnel with fake medical school credentials.

It is possible to buy almost any kind of diploma in virtually any major field of study. On-line “colleges” sell diplomas based on previous life and work experiences. They market them as being as valid as a real college degree.

The slick websites of diploma mills worldwide often include links to an American location, faculties, tuition details and curriculums. None of these will actually exist, it is all a veneer to generate the semblance of a real university. Some diploma mills also require a token amount of coursework to help dupe the customer by giving some impression that they have actually earned their degree.

Fake diplomas are a worldwide phenomenon, worryingly rampant in many countries where laws are cloudy or non-existent. Foreign diploma mills generate phony medical degrees. The Saint Luke School of Medicine operates from Ghana and Liberia. BBC reports from 2005 show that the UK General Medical Council erroneously sanctioned medical degrees from unaccredited schools in Liberia and Senegal.

Bricks and mortar colleges and universities are expanding their curriculums by providing distance learning alternatives. As traditional higher education increasingly embraces on-line learning, hopefully the prejudice against genuine internet institutions will abate. This would be good news for over one million Americans for whom their on-line degrees are degraded by connection with fake college diplomas.

Educational experts who warn of fake diploma schemes urge people to visit They can learn what to do to avoid fake diplomas at

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