Explanation Of The Bible Scriptures Using Literature

The bible can be defined as the holy book that the Christians use to get spiritual inspiration. It is a book that is believed to have been written by different authors who were inspired by the Holy Spirit. This has made many Christians to greatly rely on the scripture they read form there. Explanation of the bible scriptures is however necessary for it to be useful for a Christian. This can be done easily if they first understand the genres of different literature.

The holy book is actually a library because it is made of different other books adding up to 66 and they were all written by various authors. It took around 1500 years for the inspired writers to finish writing it. Even though there is an inspiration of the Holy Ghost, the human touch still makes the scriptures different in one way or another. This is because every author is different.

The bible is about writings and hence it is has a lot of language. There are various genres varying from law, history, wisdom, gospel, poetry, prophecy and many others. The new and also the old tributes were written differently and in this editorial we try to describe some of these categories to make the comprehension easier.

The law scriptures are those books that define the wish of God. The works of Moses are the most known to talk about the laws. This is the law that defined how people would make their relationship with Him better. He gave out about 619 rules to the Jews via Moses who was the leader at the time. Through these scriptures the Ten instructions were also issued out. They are actually the first 5 books in the Old Testament.

Another genre that can be seen mostly in the Old Testament is the history books. These are the books that tell the Christians the history of Jews starting from the times of judges to the Persian Empire. Some of them include judges, chronicles and also kings. The book of acts in the New Testament also includes a little bit of history.

The books of wisdom were written to teach people to meaning of life and living it practically. This mainly refers to living it according to the way God wants. People who understand these books will be able to make the right decisions as wanted by God and not by their will. There is a lot of warnings about evil in the world.

One can come across some poetry in older books. The poetry used there is just similar to the one used today with a lot of rhythm. The main problem however is that these books were original written in Hebrew thus they become very difficult to translate into English. Some examples include the songs of Solomon, psalms and lamentations.

The gospel is used to refer to the good news. These books mainly talk about the savior Jesus Christ and giving people hope that he is their savior. The gospel books which are the first in the New Testament all have a touch of all other literature types. They teach people to have faith in Jesus Christ.

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