How to Become a Criminal Investigator

On account of the recent creation of various popular shows about crime investigations on television, some individuals might think about making this their life’s work. However, what is on television is actually just exciting and extravagant show business effects. The truth is that crime scene jobs are complicated and rigorous.

Even if you wish to go after a career being a crime scene investigator, you better plan to have a strong stomach. In as few words as it can be, crime scene investigators acquire evidence and examine the scene of a misdeed. Whatever they learn in that scene will be the difference between solving the crime or not. Items like DNA and weapons are gathered from the scene and taken to a research laboratory for analysis, whilst pictures are taken from the entire scene for later analysis.

In order to ensure that your life will never be boring or you will never, even in tough financial times, be out of a job, perhaps you should give strong consideration to becoming one of the meticulous men and women known as a crime scene investigator. Yet another name for these researchers is a forensic science technician and they may wear a variety of hats. There are many crime scene technicians who specialize in handwriting and photography but still others who function only in the crime labs and never in the field.

With regard to schooling requirements for crime scene investigators, you need a bachelor’s degree in one of the organic sciences or criminal justice. When you start school or continue your education, ensure your coursework is focused on things like chemistry, genetics, psychology, and biology. The chemistry degree being most significant for a career being a crime scene investigator. Then again, to be a crime scene technician or forensic science tech, you could possibly skate by with just a high school diploma or an associates degree, depending on the employer. Despite the fact that it’s not a requirement, a little knowledge of criminal justice and legal procedures can be very valuable. Frequently an investigator may be called upon to testify in court when a particular case goes to trial.

I realize all of this technical stuff seems overwhelming and you may be thinking that you just will not have the patience or even schooling funds to make crime scene investigations your last destiny. Higher education grants or loans are available, and even if it requires a few years from your life to finish your education, with a college degree and experience, your yearly salary could begin at $100,000 each year. Even newcomers pocket $45,000 to $49,000 every year. This financial security in addition to positive job outlook are definitely worth the time and cash investment.

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