How To Find A Great Essay Proofreading Service Online

If you want your essay to be a great one, you need to pay attention to the little things. Any written text automatically creates a poor impression if it’s riddled with mistakes such as poor spelling and bad grammar. Luckily there are many people who are trained to check texts and to correct any errors. These days it’s even easier to find the perfect essay proofreading service since you only need to look online.

There are many freelancing websites that bring together employers and freelancers from around the world. An employer places a project on the site and freelancers send in proposals with how much they’ll charge and how long it will take to complete the job. The employer then chooses the best candidate.

The great thing about freelancing websites is that you may find excellent proofreaders in faraway countries. These people may work at very reasonable rates too. The drawback is that there are people who misrepresent their skills and you may end up appointing someone who isn’t qualified for the project. However, there are some simple steps that will help you choose someone who really is suitable.

It’s very important that your project brief is clear and detailed. Say what the topic of the text is, how many words it is and whether you need it to be in US or UK English. If your brief is vague, you’ll be inundated with proposals by people who’ll bid on anything but you won’t get many proposals from competent proofreaders. You should also ensure that your budget isn’t too far below market-related rates.

You may find that a huge number of people send in their proposals. Don’t make the mistake of only going through the ones at the top or to only look at proposals coming from certain countries. Take the time to go through all the proposals. Eliminate the ones that are badly written or that are clearly a generic template. Good proofreaders will go to the trouble of writing a proposal specifically for the project.

The next step is to find out more about the experience of those candidates on your shortlist. Their profile should include a resume as well as a portfolio of previous projects. The way that these are written will give you an idea of the candidate’s true level of skill. It’s also a good idea to consider someone who has a background or experience in the field that your essay covers.

Now you need to look at each candidate’s references. These are in the form of feedback from employers who have used the person’s services before. Specifically check the negative feedback too because this will alert you to problems that may occur. Also check how the candidate reacts to negative feedback. If they’re insulting the reviewer, you’ll know that the person isn’t very professional. Their writing will also tell you whether their English is up to par.

If you need your work proofread in a language other than English, it’s a good idea to place the project brief in that language. In this way you’re more likely to attract people who do actually speak that language fluently. Once you’ve found the right candidate, treat them with courtesy and respect and they’ll provide you with excellent service.

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