Now Military Spouses Earn Associate Degrees Online With Lakewood College Program

It is a noble heart that chooses to dedicate their life to serving their country in the active service. While they are away, it is their families who bear the brunt of their absence. In an effort to offer the spouses that are left behind a chance to improve their lives and in appreciation of the sacrifice made by their loved ones, the spouses of service men and women are being offered military spouse education benefits.

Starting October 2012, they can take their pick of programs offered through Lakewood College Program. This was started by the institution to fulfill their agenda of doing their bit in offering funds for the education of the wives and husbands of service men and women.

Through this program, their spouses can access funding to take a course that can open up job opportunities for them. The funding significantly brings down the cost of taking the same courses in traditional institutional settings.

Students can take the course from any place in the world they are. This is important so that those who start a course do not have to drop out and have their credits transferred so that they can join another institution if there spouse is posted to another station of duty.

Before such a program was introduced, spouses of those in active duty kept off from taking marketable courses as they could not be sure they would be in the same location long enough to complete them. Others found the cost prohibitive and there was always a chance that they would not get refunds if they could not stay and pay for a course that they had paid for.

With the Lakewood College program for military spouse education benefits, all these barriers have been removed. All the courses are taken that are offered are taken online. A student takes them at a pace that suits them from wherever they are in the world.

Find details about the reasons why you should use your military spouse education benefits to get a degree and more information about Lakewood College at now.

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