Real Truth Behind Black History Magnets

Every thing, no matter how simple it is, has its own story. At first glance, you will not see how deep the meaning is. But if you look closer, you will definitely see the importance of such a small thing. Just like the little portrait magnets of African Americans which may seem meaningless to you. But to others, it means so much more.

African American History Month is a celebration to raise awareness on what the Negros have done for the society. The culmination which was coined before as the Black History Month was the origin of the black history magnets that we see nowadays. The magnets had pictures of the most iconic African American individuals who have contributed greatly on their time. It also pictures the different events in the past that define the Negro race through the years.

The celebration that was founded by Minister Jesse Moorland and Carter Woodson, a Harvard historian, was born from the Negro History Week. The two of them became iconic figures in Negro freedom. The month long event is celebrated every February to coincide with the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln and another African American icon Frederick Douglass.

In the 1960s the event that was only celebrated for a week became an event celebrated for the whole month. And it was when President Ford declared the culmination officially that whole of America know what the other race has done for the good of every citizen. Since then, each leader of the country that followed Ford also continued to recognize this event.

One organization that was born because of this yearly event is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Their main aim is to raise knowledge about these individuals. The NAACP is one of the leading entities that is campaigning for the rights and equality for the Negro race. And sometimes they fight to defend the these people.

There was a time in America when the black citizens where not seen as people but as properties being sold and enslaved. And when the era of slavery ended, the African American citizens had to battle racial discrimination. But in the midst of all the struggles, some of them thrived and were able to contribute and help develop the American way of living nowadays.

The African American History Month is celebrated annually since it started on 1976. During this time of year, the president encourages everyone to participate. Communities and schools prepare activities and programs for the month long event. This is to raise awareness of what the Negro race has given.

The Negro race has made a lot of influence in the society. Life would not be what it is today if not for the things that they have contributed. It only seems fit that people should recognize and celebrate them and all the great deeds they did.

The story behind the magnets being sold are not just simple ones. It is a story of struggle and triumph. It is a story of hope and inspiration. A kind of story that deserves to be told through simple things such as magnets.

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