The Quickest Way To Get NCCCO Certification

Crane operators with more knowledge on safety are marketable and earn comparatively higher salaries. NCCCO certification equips you with additional skills beyond driving the machine. It prepares you for a more secure and exciting career in the general and construction industries. The type of machine determines the area of specialization during training. Safety depends on the environment in which you will be operating.

Safety is given a lot of emphasis during training to ensure that the equipment, personnel and goods being handled are safe at all times. Other employees within the environs will have their safety guaranteed. Creating awareness about the level of risk means that the supervisor or operator will take necessary steps. Safer working environments are more productive and profitable.

The operators targeted during training handle boom cranes, tower, services and mobile trucks. Special attention is given to overhead, articulate and digger derrick crane models. Other personnel operating within the crane environment who require training include signal officers, inspectors, crane directors and riggers.

The two levels of examination are core course and specialization area. The examination for the core course requires a student to sit for 90 questions with multiple choice answers. The questions should be completed in 90 minutes. The paper covers general operations and safety of all crane models and other lifting equipment.

The specialization exam takes one hour to complete, within which the student should answer 26 multiple answer questions. Some of the areas covered by the specialization modules include lattice, telescopic, swing and crawler cranes. Each of the models requires special procedures and approach to guarantee safety.

Certification includes a practical paper on telescopic and lattice crane models. The examination extensively covers the fixed and swing varieties of these cranes. It is mandatory for a student to pass the written and practical examination to qualify for the award of a certificate. The certificate will be valid for up to five years. Examination preparation materials are available from testing centers and training institutions.

The tests and examinations are only valid if they are completed within 12 months. The most important is the core paper after which the specialization exam should not be undertaken twelve months later. The examinations that are included in your certificate must have been completed within twelve months of finishing the core paper.

The NCCCO statutes have set a criterion for awarding certificates beyond completing the examinations. The candidate must be 18 years or more. There is a medical test to ascertain physical fitness and preparedness for the work. Other tests involve verification of drug and substance abuse.

Operators under training must observe a code of conduct set by the NCCCO to warrant certification. It sets the rules that must be observed within the lifting environment to guarantee safety. Safe environments enhance comfort during work and reduce operation cost.

The physical health of operators is also tested as a precondition for granting the certificate. The form filled to ascertain your physical condition will be valid for three months. An alternative is the medical examiner certificate that is available from the Department of Transport. This certificate should not be older than two years.

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