Those Seeking Financial Aid For Grad School With Be Successful

Students wishing to ensure the equality, improvement, and change of the quality of life should study social work. A post graduate degree is ideal for many professionals in the field of social work, and those with a higher degree typically have a master degree. In order to attain this degree, it must be from a university with an accredited program.

Program requirements – In order to attain a master of social work, students must complete two years of graduate study. This amounts to approximately sixty credits, depending on the institution’s requirements. After completing the two years of graduate work, students must complete another two years of field experience. Field experience is similar to an internship, where students are able to get real world experience in the field. The field experience can last up to approximately nine hundred hours. Analyzing how financial aid for graduate school will impact your goals is smart.

Not all students attaining a master degree in social work will need to have a background in social work. For example, many students who apply to social work programs do not have a bachelor degree in the field. Some actually possess a liberal arts degree in a related field.

There are two tracks that social work programs can be based upon. The first type of track is a clinical track. A clinical track has a direct focus on helping individual clients. The second type of track is a macro practice track. This program has a focus on community organizing and political advocacy.

Some students who wish to graduate with a more specialized degree have the option to complete a joint degree program. For example, in some institutions there are joint social work degrees such as Master of Social Work and Law, Master of Social Work and Public Heath, and Master of Social Work and Public Administration. These degrees give the student the opportunity to learn more specialized information and practice of specific industries.

Continuing education – After completing the master degree, professionals can attain a higher degree at a doctoral level. They have the option of completing a Ph.D. or a Doctorate of Social Work. A Ph.D. is obtained by professionals in the teaching and research field of social work. The Doctorate of Social Work is attained by professionals who are working more hands on in the field and want to gain more career options and a higher paying salary. You should research more possibilities, such as best graduate schools.

Careers – There are various careers for individuals attaining their master degree. The program will prepare students for practice of social welfare, counseling, and administration. Typical careers include working with social welfare policy, case work planning, social counseling, family services, employment services, and disability counseling.

A graduate school college degree will give individuals the upper hand when applying to potential job opportunities and provide them with a higher paying salary. In the future, more jobs will become available in the very rewarding field of social work. The Graduate school website is a good resource for more information about a career in social work.

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