Will Distance Learning Help Me

by Gary Pearson

Distance learning offers a legitimate alternative to classroom learning for those who have trouble getting to a classroom or campus. Additionally, it offers opportunity to those who favor independent work anyway. In fact, some students prefer distance learning even if they live near the classroom.

Though distance learning is not suitable for everyone. Some people are just not made for this form of learning and must stick to the traditional means. So how are we to decide whether distance learning is for us or not? This can only be done by checking some of the issues surrounding distance learning.

For one, time ends up being a factor for distance learners. Online classes often require as much if not more time than traditional classroom classes. When long distance learning, many students will have trouble budgeting the time to give proper attention to the online class. They end up with a poorer grade than if they had a classroom to attend with some sort of accountability. If you have proper self discipline, though, you may not find this to be a problem at all.

There are some students who perform well when they interact and discuss issues with others in the classroom. Online courses are not as interactive as the classroom even if they have some amount of communication with other colleagues. You will perform well and take up distance learning if you can study by yourself and can manage with minimum interaction with others.

Actually there are two very important points which should be considered when you decide on a distance learning program, as it is not for all. You will have to analyze how disciplined you are and the other thing is your need to meet others to do well in your program. If you can work well independently then possibly you can go for distance learning.

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