Classroom Organization Ideas For School Teachers

Successful classroom organization ideas involve consistency and careful planning. Because each idea is catered around the children’s age, everyone will have the ability to participate in keeping the room clean and clutter free. Most plans can be altered to meet the teacher’s or the student’s capabilities.

Although it may seem impossible, children in the three to five age group have the ability to be organized. The skills they learn at this age will help them later in life. During this stage in life, the child’s focus is playing. If the teacher allowed, the child would play all day and skip lunch as well as nap time.

In an effort to organize the room, the teacher can set up various work/play stations around the room. Then the teacher can assign each child to a station. This technique also makes clean up easier. Older school-aged children requires more planning.

As they reach the higher grades, their focus changes from toys to class work. Disorganization adds unnecessary stress. In an average day, most school age children will study five to seven different subjects. The best way to keep up with the individual assignments is to color code them. For example, when the teacher asks about history assignments, the student can search for their red history folder instead of shuffling through the paper work. This also helps the child to use time more effectively. Over time, the idea of staying organized will become a second nature to the student.

Developing and posting a schedule on the board is the best way for teachers and students to stay on task. It also serves as a quick reminder of what is coming up next. A color-coded filing system is another great way to keep up with the multiple papers each subject requires.

Being organized means maximizing the available space. This entails using every available shoebox, plastic containers and tissue to hold on to the easy-to-lose items such as paper clips, erasers, scissors and thumbtacks. In addition to having the ability to stack them on top of each other, they are can be stored in small confined spaces. Placing materials on a table near work areas gives the students easy access to the necessary materials.

Organized lesson plans help the students to stay on track with their work. The lesson plans also serve as a guideline that helps to track each student’s progress in the class. During conferences, every teacher has the ability to pin point the student’s strong points and weaknesses.

Classroom organization ideas are for those who have a desire to succeed. The plans are easily changeable to meet everyone’s needs. These techniques will work in a person’s personal life as well.

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