Most Pressing Problems With Public Education

The world is full of people from all walks of life. These people are easily being placed into boxes, too, as discrimination is fast becoming rampant in almost all parts of the world. The world is always handed out in a silver platter to those who are rich, powerful, and brainy. The elite enjoy the best of everything, while the average guy has to work his buns off to survive from what little options he is being presented with.

Now, more than ever, is the importance of good education more pronounced. New doors that open out to the wider world is often opened by a special key which is a successfully completed degree. While this does not necessarily mean that skills are not at all essential, but most often, the best dibs go to the people who boast of being educated. Sadly, not everyone is provided with equal opportunities, what with problems with public education becoming a real crisis.

The transfer of all the skills, habits, and knowledge from one generation to the next is often referred to as education. The successful transfer is often made by use of research, training, and the imparting of worthwhile lessons every learner can use in real life scenarios. Education can be done with the help of an educator, though some have learned the art of self education on their own.

Education, like everything in life, has its different stages as well. Every learner has to go through each individual stage if he is to complete his formal education. At the end of every specific stage, his triumphs along with those of his batchmates are celebrated in the form of what is called a graduation exercise. The different stages are the preschool, primary, secondary, university or college, then internship. Some go through each one, while many opt not to complete it.

Because education is a right given to everyone regardless of the differences in so many aspects, state institutes came into being. These are establishments that impart learning for free. These schools are funded by the government whether by part or in full. Some even have non government benefactors and some can be adopted as sister schools of the private ones.

Despite its best efforts, the public education system is on the brink. Schools are hardly producing qualified graduates anymore. Learners are not learning all the necessary skills they are supposed to in order to fend for themselves in the real world. Some even graduate without recollection of any valuable thing that they have retained in all the years they have spent in an institution.

One of the reasons that the system is failing is often pointed out to the lack of cooperation by most family units. Lack of parent involvement is a very serious problem. Since the parents are the first teachers, they are also expected to be involved in the learnings of their offspring. The school is actually just a extension of the home, and not a baggage counter where you can leave your t6hings for a while and come back for them later.

Another problem is the attitude of the students themselves. For teaching to be effective, the learners must also do their part. If they do not want to learn, then, despite all the best efforts by educators, they will most certainly never be able to learn.

Money and the lack thereof can also be a serious problem. Due to financial incapacity, parents are not able to send their kids off to good schools where they can be honed. Sometimes, people just stop attending classes to get a job and make money for the family.

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