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In today’s tough economy many parents have to work full time just to pay the bills. This leaves them with the dilemma of having to find suitable care for their children. Fortunately there are quite a number of options to choose from. Each facility has its own unique feel and it is up to the parents to look at several different places and decide which one would be best for their children.

A growing number of moms are finding the perfect way to balance the two issues is to start their own home based day care facility. This means that they can have their own children at home with them, but also earn a good income by taking in other children. However, there are a number of health and safety issues that must be carefully addressed before they can open their doors for business as a child care in Mclean VA center.

It is important to be certified by the local authority. This means that someone will come out and inspect the home to ensure it is appropriate for running a business. They are looking at many factors including the presence of pets, a fenced yard and play area, stairs versus a one level home and much more. They can then give each facility a rating an pass this on to parents. Even the presence of one or more smokers in the house should be disclosed for allergy purposes.

A great outdoor play area is another very important consideration. Young children should spend as much time out side as possible. Even in the winter months it is great to be able to get out and enjoy any nice weather. High quality climbing equipment will always get a lot of use, along with swings, slides and ride on toys.

Many facilities today also offer excellent educational benefits to the children. These include a strong emphasis on literacy. The youngsters will be introduced to a nice variety of books and listen to a story every day. Not only does this help them to learn focus, but they are also becoming familiar with the routines of a typical classroom.

Smaller centers are often worth considering because they have the option of offering a more specialized program. This may include lots of time outdoors enjoying nature or getting fresh air and exercise. Young children gain many benefits from getting enough physical exercise. Swinging across the monkey bars helps to build upper body strength that will be crucial as they learn to write. Being able to sit up straight at a desk for a long time is only possible for children with good core muscles.

Children with additional health needs also need day care. Anyone who is happy to cater to these youngsters will always stay busy. They may need to provide special meals and administer regular medications. Sometimes children have sensory needs that make it difficult to handle loud noises and crowded situations. Having a sympathetic and understanding care provider is a wonderful bonus.

Attending a care center with a strong introduction to literacy and numbers is a huge advantage for any young student. They will start school with more knowledge and confidence than their peers. This can often carry them onto higher achievement for many years.

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