Reasons Why Parents Choose Reggio Emilia Schools In Mclean VA

Loris Malaguzzi taught in early childhood and at the primary level for the majority of his career. After World War II, he realized that his students would need a different style of learning if they were to thrive after such a traumatic event. He realized that students at Reggio Emilia Schools in McLean VA would have to learn how to be more useful in life.

The curriculum is based upon principles such as respect. Community and responsibility are also important values and are integrated in every aspect of teaching. The idea is that children in Reggio Emilia Schools who are taught to embody these values will be more fully able to contribute to any society that they are a part of.

Children are offered an atmosphere of enrichment and full support. They can learn at their own pace in a manner that is described as self guided. This means that teachers allow each student to learn by giving them as much time as they need, instead of rushing through a particular area just to keep up with the rest of the class.

Educators use a teaching method that is unique to that system. Each institution of learning that falls under their banner aims to improve preschool and primary education. The approach that is utilized was developed by Loris Malaguzzi in Italy. He worked with and received considerable input from parents of his students in Italy so they all contributed to the development of the system.

A teacher is not looked to as the sole source of information under this system. Instead, students are encouraged to discover things for themselves. Discovery learning is actually a part of most other school systems however, this particular one places more emphasis on it. The method aims to help children learn skills that will also be useful to them in adulthood when they are presented with unusual situations.

Most people use their bodies in their learning to some extent. There are persons who rely on that a little more. Most of the population loses out on the opportunity to gain information through that style because they are often required to sit still. Reggio Emilia institutions encourage students to use all of their senses because they learn about their world through that. They must also interact with people and things in their environment.

Since the children progress at a pace that is comfortable for them, they are less likely to become stressed. The likelihood of them associating learning with a positive experience also increases. Instead of being taught to aim for passes and beat themselves up over failure, they are encouraged to value each experience for what it brings to their understanding of the world. This will give them skills which help them to build a life they enjoy.

In this particular teaching method, a child can develop real skills that they need. Since they discover which skills help them on their own, they are better able to use those skills again to solve new problems, instead of relying only on skills that are taught to them in a traditional classroom. Sometimes children spend months studying something that they will never need to use in real life.

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