Why School Leadership Standards Are So Important

Educational leaders have an extremely challenging role today. They are responsible for helping students to develop into mature adults who are able to play a role in society. This means that school leadership standards are of great importance. With a high caliber of leaders, the students have a far greater opportunity for success.

Teaching and learning is the most important reason for the existence of an educational establishment. A leader must inspire all the role players involved. A vision is needed for what can be accomplished if a culture of learning exists. This vision must be shared and supported by everyone from teachers to parents and the wider community in order to succeed.

It is worthless to promote a vision without having the instructional program to back it up. The leader needs to demand high standards of instruction and content to ensure that students can reach their full potential. Teachers should be encouraged to expect the most from themselves and their students. Effective collaboration between all members of staff needs to exist.

Students cannot learn if the environment they are in is not conducive to this. They need to feel safe and confident in their surroundings. For this to happen, proper management of individuals and resources must take place. Good leaders know how to delegate and expect those given tasks to perform them to the best of their ability. They also use technology where possible to improve efficiency.

Leaders should be role models. They need to demonstrate how to interact with others. Personal and professional values should reflect a code of ethics. An acceptance and respect for all, despite their background or abilities must be fostered. In such an environment negative behavior such as bullying would be an aberration rather than the norm.

It is important for the leader to have a big picture of the role of the educational establishment within the society in which it operates. Political, social economic and cultural issues all have an impact on education. A leader who has an awareness of these issues is able to lead more effectively and make the right decisions.

The leader must establish effective communication within the wider community as well. Collaboration with families and community leaders helps to mobilize all possible resources. A network of individuals with the interests of the school at heart is important for success.

To facilitate learning, a leader has to make certain decisions regarding change and improvement. To make these decisions, data must be collected which can be assessed in order to decide what changes need to be implemented. Progress is monitored once changes have been made to observe how effective they are.

Creating a shared vision which motivates and inspires students, staff and parents is not an easy task. It requires a leader with courage, conviction and perseverance. Focusing on continuous improvement in school leadership standards is essential as without good leaders, chances of producing successful students is limited.

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