Got Ohio Propane? Here’s Three Reasons Why You Should

These days, people aren’t locked in to just one or two sources of energy for their homes. Solar panels and propane are two alternatives to the typical electricity and natural gas options, and when it comes to Cleveland propane, this can be an easy and affordable option. For those who are looking to switch to propane as an energy option, read on and you’ll discover why this can be a solid choice.

1. Save The Planet With Ohio Propane

Propane, while a byproduct of petroleum and natural gas refining, is not, as you might expect, a greenhouse gas. This fuel is listed as a safe, green fuel by the United States government. Even if propane leaks, it will not harm the environment and it does not produce high level of CO2. If natural gas leaks, this is extremely toxic for the environment and other sources of fuel such as coal, burning wood and using nuclear energy all can be very dangerous to people and the ecosystem in general.

2. You Can Save Money By Using Ohio Propane

At certain times of the year, it really pays to stock up on your Ohio propane. This fuel is produced at a constant rate throughout the year, but during the winter months, the demand for propane is very high. After all, people all over the country need to heat their homes. Cleveland propane prices can be quite high during the coldest months of the year, but tend to drop quite a bit during the hot summer months. Usually July and August are the best months to purchase propane. If you can pre-buy propane at low summer prices, you can save hundreds of dollars off your yearly heating bill.

3. You Have Many Options With Propane

While natural gas typically is only used for the stove, dryer and heater in your home, Ohio propane can be used as an energy source for many other appliances. For instance, a refrigerator can be powered by propane as well as a TV, a dishwasher and your washer and dryer. If you purchase propane when Cleveland propane prices are quite low and use an assortment of propane-powered appliances, you may pay far less than you would if you used electricity and natural gas to power these items.

When you decide to make the switch, you will need to consider what size of tank to use. Typically, this decision is based upon the size of your yard and the size of your household. A 300-gallon Ohio propane tank might be an excellent option for a typical family of four, while others might use a smaller tank or perhaps wish to stockpile propane and want a large tank.

Propane tanks vary in price, based on size and whether or not you opt for a new tank or a used tank. Used tanks can be a great option, simply make sure that your tank includes fresh paint, a warranty and all new valves. If you cannot afford to purchase a tank, consider leasing a tank. Some companies lease a tank for as little as $1 per year and some Ohio propane companies also offer lease-to-own options.

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