How to Get Tuition Assignments as a New Tutor

Not receiving any responses after seeking tuition assignments? This is very typical for many tutors who are getting started. They register with many agencies and apply to dozens of tuition assignments. Having said that, even with their effort in trying to get assignments, they don’t seem to get any response from tuition agencies.

The problem for new tutors. As a tuition agency, we easily receive more than twenty tutors applying for the same assignment. Hence, it is of no surprise that not all tutors get to get the assignments that they want.

It is important for you to note that when you apply for an assignment, on an average, you are competing against 19 other candidates. If you’re the same as other tutors, you simply will not get the job. For this reason it is important to ensure that you be noticed among the crowd.

Here are some of the ways you can the attention of tuition agencies if you have no experience.

Think about your strong points. What can you offer which will make you a good teacher? Some parents want tutors who’ve got good grades, some want tutors who can guarantee results. If you do not describe what is good about you, tuition agencies will skip through your application.

Every little detail counts when you apply for assignments. As an example, some tutors graduate from a top school in Singapore. Nonetheless, they don’t include it when they submit an application for assignments. This is a serious mistake as some parents only want teachers from top schools.

Get experience by accepting assignments with lower rate. Most parents do not want amateur tutors to tutor their child. Therefore, tuition agencies will inquire tutors about their experience in teaching.

However, there are some parents who don’t mind tutors with little experience if they can pay a lower late. If you are new, lower your rate and get experience. This is crucial for you to tackle even tougher assignments in the future. Over time, with experience, you will be able to command a higher rate.

Offer a good personal description. Most tuition agencies will ask teachers for his or her experience in teaching or elaborate on their particular teaching methods. In our experience, most tutors leave this field blank or keep this portion brief. If you are really obsessed with teaching, this is the time it is possible to really shine. Composing a good personal description gives tuition agencies a good reason to select you over the other applicants who don’t elaborate on their teaching methods.

There’s a time where every tutor go through the stage of being new. Everyone shares the same history with no exceptions. Try this advice and over time, you are going to start getting a few assignments. If other tutors make it to where they are today, you ought to too!

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