How To Look Smart In Your Graduation Portrait

Taking photographs of every momentous event in our lives is considered natural among us humans. Although we can always use our memories to recall such events, photographs provide a different experience to reminisce the past. This is why taking graduation portraits becomes mandatory in almost all colleges and universities, not only because these images will be used in printing graduation memorabilia but also to provide parents with a perfect souvenir of this important milestone in their children’s life.

You do not have to be a model to look great in pictures. With the right pose, angle, and makeup and gown, you can be as photogenic as any model. When looking for a photographer to do this job, choose the one that is expert in portrait photography. The kinds of Portrait photography Singapore studios offer may differ from one studio to another. Make sure that the studio you choose deal with graduation photography.

Aside from their expertise, specialist photo studios also provide graduation gowns to make the preparation for the pictorial hassle-free. Make sure that the gown you choose fits perfectly to your body built as it will contribute in achieving your goal to look smart in your grad portrait.

Wearing makeup will also make you look good in your grad picture. It will make your face glow or make you look healthier especially if the color of your skin looks pale.

But make sure to pick only light shades since graduation gowns are usually dark-colored. Then arrange your hair to perfectly accommodate the graduation cap on your head. Once you’re done, check your appearance in the mirror with the graduation cap on your head.

Moreover, learning the standards in capturing your best angle will also help you project properly in front of the camera. For example, you need to pull your shoulders and sit up straight to make you look confident, as well as turn your face slightly to the side if you have a big face and want to make it look slimmer.

Lastly, look for a photography company in Singapore that utilize modern lighting equipment. Although Photoshop is considered as great photo editor, it cannot enhance a bad photo.

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