How to Make Any Audience Love You in 5 Easy Steps

by Jane K.Thomas

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your audience love you without them even knowing it? Of course it would and this is probably at the very top of any speaker’s public speaking tips wish-list!

But by simply using a few straightforward techniques in every one of your speeches, you will easily guarantee that even the toughest audience will soon be rating you one of the best public speakers to be heard in a long time. By thoroughly understanding what your audience is looking for as you build your speech, you will ensure that you can make a positive connection with them even before you walk out on stage to begin your presentation.

So just what are these techniques that will guarantee to make any audience love you?

Step 1.

Your first aim is to really gain an understanding of what your prospective audience expects and wants to hear from you. You can discover exactly what this is by carrying out your preliminary research once you know the topic you will be speaking on. Talk to a few people who have an interest in your subject and take a note of what is important to them and what sort of questions they may want to have answered. Get a book on the subject from your library or let the online search engines deliver a wealth of information right to your browser.

Step 2.

Secondly, you need to build an easy rapport with the members of your audience. This is not as difficult as you might assume and can easily be achieved by making sure that you smile frequently during your speech and are not afraid to make eye contact. Take the opportunity to greet some members of the audience personally as they arrive and before you are due to begin speaking. Doing this will make them feel that they already know you before you are formally introduced to the audience as a whole. Very few public speakers do this and miss an important opportunity to get the audience ‘on-side’ right from the outset.

Step 3.

Do make sure that the language you use in your speech is appropriate to your audience. Use words that relate to the topic in hand but don’t overdo the jargon – it may be beyond your audience’s expertise and mark you out as being too-clever-by-half!

Step 4.

Always make sure that your speech contains benefit after benefit for your audience. Your speech is for their sole satisfaction and fulfillment – not yours. Deliver solutions to their problems and aim to meet as many of their wants as you can. Audiences want to be informed, entertained, educated, emotionally or spiritually fulfilled or to be shown how to gain some financial or health advantage – so work at satisfying as many wants from this list as you can.

And the greatest of all public speaking tips?

Step 5.

Relax and appear confident on stage.

If you are at ease, then your audience will be at ease also. It is a fundamental truth that your audience will mirror what you project on stage, so if you are embarrassed, uneasy or hesitant in your manner, they will be feeling the same. If, on the other hand, you sub-consciously demonstrate your love and appreciation for your audience as they give you their undivided attention, then they will do the same for you – without realising exactly why they are feeling warm and appreciative towards you!

By incorporating these public speaking tips into your speeches, you will swiftly find that making any audience fall in love with you is as easy as pie. It’s a wonder that all public speakers don’t benefit from using these simple and natural techniques but now that you have been given this knowledge, you will never be able to make the same mistake.

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