How You Can Stop Global Warming

by Elias Maseko

If you own a television, surf the internet, or have a radio, it is very unlikely that you haven’t heard of global warming. There’s been an expansion of press surrounding the issue of late. There is a great deal of debate that surrounds the subject and you may be right to be concerned. The potential exists that, if the predictions come true, Earth will be a frightening and unsafe place for our family members of the future.

You can still help your planet in the fight against global warming in simple ways that are not expensive. In recent years, too much of the main focus of the efforts has been on energy efficient vehicles and appliances. Not having the financial means to make these investments is fine, there are cheaper and simpler ways to join the efforts to help our planet.

Global warming is something you can fight by making good decisions about the usage of items in your home. If you are not using an electrical appliance, such as your computer, shut it off. Limiting your electricity use is a great way to not only help prevent future problems, but it can also save you money too!

A general rule of thumb is to turn off the appliances or lights in your house when they are not in use in order to ease up on the electric consumption. This method is so simple – and free – and can also wind up saving you a lot of money. Another step involves examining your heat so instead of having your thermostat cranked up high, you may want to put on a sweater and turn the heat down. The toxic emissions coming from your home are greatly lowered with just a few degrees.

Unfortunately, many individuals do not realize the many benefits to using energy efficient light bulbs, as opposed to traditional ones. In addition, this simple step will also be another money-saving way you can help out the environment. These light bulbs work much longer than traditional ones and can last as long as one or two years. The typical price is around five dollars for a pack of these energy efficient lights, if you shop at the right place.

Even if you are a renter, as opposed to a homeowner, there are still ways that you can work to combat global warming. A knowledgeable renter will ask his landlord about fixing any windows that allow drafts in. Your landlord can further save money through changes in the hot water heater or the addition of an insulation blanket.

Not everyone can afford to buy an energy efficient vehicle such as a hybrid, and those people can still help out by examining their day to day transportation habits. First, examine how often you drive and if those drives are really necessary. Other alternatives to driving are walking, the carpool, and public transportation. Global warming is reduced through the simple act of opting not to use your car three times a week.

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