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In order to improve the quality of education your students receive, the quality of teaching the teachers provide must improve as well. There are new ways of effectively educating children and using the old ways will make them take longer to learn new lessons. That is why it is important to invest in professional development for their improvement.

But having training, conferences and seminars is not an assurance of the improvement and positive results from teachers if not done correctly. There are ways to properly do them so the instructions are clearer and easier to follow. Here are some improving educators professional development details which you can use in your sessions.

Use the method that works for you in teaching the educators during their professional development sessions with you. They would notice in the way you teach if you are using what you are discussing and would likely follow it easily. If you are discussing a method then not using it during the session then they could get the message that it is not as effective as what you are saying.

Develop something which can be immediately used after they learned it and have them prepare a lesson plan that uses it in the next two weeks. Doing this would make them implement what they learned immediately in the classroom and have a colleague or administrator observe them. Waiting for an opportunity to implement it would probably make that opportunity disappear.

The observers will then give feedback to the teachers which they will use to improve their methods for the next lessons. They would discuss the things that needs improvement and could do the same for their fellow educators by observing their class and give feedback. In this way they can help each other improve for their next lessons.

A follow up about what they learned in the PD sessions should be done to check their usage of it. Not doing so would be an ineffective use of the session and would waste the time and money invested on it. A staff must be assigned to be responsible in following up their colleagues if they are using the techniques taught to them and giving feedback as well.

You must think about the long term vision of the school in choosing what technique to implement. This must not change after every few months or every year to avoid frustrating the teachers but instead something to be followed within at least two years. These things take time and practice to master and changing frequently would not achieve this.

The schedule of the sessions must be announced and known to all participating educators way ahead of time. Announcing it on the day itself is not a great and idea and would upset them because their schedules have to change. They have their own family to think about as well and this might result in them not focusing in the session.

But do not forget to let them teach one another as this is one of the best and fastest ways in developing themselves. They will be sharing their ideas through online boards or meeting personally during free time. They would assign themselves a topic to teach one another and take turns doing so.

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