Increase Your Computer Skills By Taking Ethical Hacker Courses

If you know your way around computers and would like to expand your computer skills, you may want to look at ethical hacking. You can attempt to learn and understand ethical hacking and grow to be a Certified Ethical Hacker by registering yourself at an Accredited Training Center that gives Ethical Hacker Courses.

Project Managers Singapore: If one would wish to be an excellent project manager he can undergo a Project Management Professional Training Program and ethical hacker courses.

Ethical hacker may be synonymous to computer criminal but what it really means is simply having the ability to penetrate networks and computer systems for the aim of finding and fixing computer security weaknesses. Although ethical hacking makes use of the same methods of a hacker, it is rather much different in the sense that unauthorized hacking or attempting to gain access to computer systems with no prior authorization from the owner is against the law in most countries, while penetration testing done by demand of the owner of the targeted system and network is not.

One can be certified as an ethical hacker. Certification is achieved by taking the C/EH examination after having undergone training at an Accredited Training Center or through self-study. If an applicant self-studied, he should fill out an application and submit a proof that he had two years of relevant information security work knowledge. The exam code for C/EH is 312-50. Since June 2011, the certification is in Version 7.1 however the new version V8 has just been launched. The v7 and v8 exam costs 500 US dollars and is administered through computer at an EC-Council Accredited Training Center.

The EC-Council (International Council of E-Commerce Consultants) is a member-supported professional association. It is known primarily as a professional certification body which provides numerous certifications in a variety of fields related to IT security and Certified Ethical Hacker is its best known certification.

The EC-Council offers another certification known as Certified Network Defense Architect (C/NDA). This certification is made for United States Government Agencies, and is obtainable only to members of chosen agencies. Other than the title, the content of the course is precisely the same.

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