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As kids grow older there is always someone they look out for depending on the careers they want to purse in future. Dr Philip Hickman is that kind of a man best known for educating people to adopt a free open education system. He is a believer in education who is not only an education technological expert but also holds a degree in psychology.

After he was elected to head Columbus municipal school his goal was to find ways of finding suitable ways to help the students learn easily. That goal has not been achieved easily since there has been a lot of challenges along the way. He is a believer that with technology everything is achievable especially when it comes to opening channels for kids.

Sometimes where you come from determines the kind of a place you wind up. Not in all cases but in a case like his that statement would make a lot of sense. His father collected computers and brought them back home while his mother was a school teacher. The background prepared him for the role of a superintended and a leader.

Technology pretty much came to save people in all levels. It has replaced text books with some learning applications which are easier to use and understand. That is what a lot people can learn from him. At one point he explains a time he had ordered for textbooks worth around eight hundred thousand dollars that he had to take back to suppliers so that he could invest in technology.

When you are chosen to lead people expect to see some leadership skills being utilized. Despite the fact that he had been seem as a leader who would bring change to the school due to his ideologies there were times he made some pretty bad decisions. Like appointing Fredrick Hill to be the principal of the school despite the fact that Hill had been fired from his previous job.

Another incidence that came under criticism was when he gave the uncle to his wife a job. There is a rule that comes into hiring people and when you hold a higher post in office people do not expect to find your relatives holding a position. However he defended himself stating that he only recommended him and had no intentions of hiring him a statement he later contradicted in an interview.

A leader is bound to take risks and in as much as Philip has made some bad choices he has also taken some serious risks to benefit his students. That is something other leaders of other schools who should not be afraid of taking a contract that seems to work for them. If it has worked with other schools it can also work with you.

When his work is done he will still be remembered in history for both the good and bad decisions he made. He is a true definition and representation that technology and education go hand in hand and if it was to work for all schools things would be amazing. It is a way to help students learn using their own speed which is way better for most of them.

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