Is Home Tuition Mandatory for Everybody?

Education is key if you wish to make it in Singapore. With the inflow in foreigners, spots in local universities are limited. To make matters worse, the benchmark just to secure a place keeps creeping higher. Students presently are studying harder than previously, scrambling for spots to get a degree. It is also a known fact that in the Singapore job market, everywhere you turn, you see a graduate. Being without a degree in Singapore just would not cut it. So what can parents do to help their children in their academics?

In short, there are three options parents have in terms of improving their children’s results. Just plainly studying in school, having tuition in tuition center or getting home tuition by a private tutor. All of which have their own benefits and drawbacks. The ultimate choice should be tailored according to the students learning capabilities.

Let’s examine studying in a school today. For example, a normal class in a primary school. It contains attention seeking students and simply one teacher to teach the lesson. It is up to the students individual duty to figure out and digest the majority of the lesson. Teachers neglect slower students because they have to keep up with the syllabus. But for students who can pick up information up fast, they’re going to be able to well even without the help of tuition.

However, most students struggle to achieve this. In Singapore, 9 out of 10 students have undergone tuition before. Some swear by it, some believe it is a waste of time and money, exactly how do we know which is suitable for your child and how would you take advantage of it?

Enrolling in tuition centers is an option which most parents would opt for if their children are not doing well in school. That being said, tuition centers offer the exact same classroom environment as schools. However, they offer teachers who are more experienced and can teach better. This is given that they specialize in teaching one subject. Centers offer more concise notes and lots more practice in the forms of revision and test papers for students. In short, if you have a child who needs help solving the more tough questions, tuition centers would be a good choice.

Home tuition would inevitably be the final option for many parents that don’t see results from other choices. As a tutor myself previously, I have come across why some students require individualized attention. They have no idea why they are failing and also have not a clue concerning how to study. A tuition agency can help parents get a tutor who can view the students work along with their thinking process. This observation process is crucial. It identify mistakes and undesirable habits in students so learning can happen. Without a sound systematic approach to studying and doing work, most students would fail in absorbing information and would surely fail in exams. If your child is faring poorly in exams and find topics difficult to grasps, it may be smart to get yourself a private tutor to rectify the problems he/she have.

Jessica is a home tutor and has been teaching home tuition in Singapore for the past twenty years. She loves to help students and owns her own tuition agency which specializes in home tuition.

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