Is There A Brand New Product Overpowering The Tobacco Market?

Life is not getting simple for the tobacco market at the moment. With all the increasing taxes plus universal and concerted anti-smoking campaigns, a greater number of smokers happen to be kicking the habit.

Sales are actually slowly but surely going down and a horde of smaller players in the smokeless alternatives market are actually consuming away at their core demographic of customers. Identified players including Philip Morris (PM), RJ Reynolds (RAI) as well as British American Tobacco (BTI), who constitute the so called Big Tobacco are experiencing the heat from Electronic cigarette founders just like privately held Bull Smoke who’ve actually turned the high margin and very productive typical cigarette industry upside down by promising to provide a realistic smoking experience with their vapor generating electronic devices. The question that will begs a remedy is definitely — how will the “empire strike back”?

Electronic Cigarettes: Riding the anti-smoking wave

A rise in this latest smoking (or vaping as enthusiasts charmingly call it) technologies has been meteoric to say the least. From an idea that never actually managed to get off of the drawing board in the 60’s, to a rebirth during the early years with the new millennium in China, the smokeless electronic cigarette has certainly had an eventful journey.

Introduced into the Chinese market in 2004 being an aid to quitting smoking, this electronic cigarette ultimately found its solution right into other markets international. Others, as they say, is actually history; or in other words, history in the making.

Within the last 4 years, electronic cigarette sales have skyrocketed, culminating in sales around three and a half million this season alone. With no leads of any slowdown in the future, smokers that want to get some more affordable and much healthier option to smokes watch these kind of brand new e-cigs as the best option. And therein lies the potential problem for Big Tobacco.

Not all of us is a lover, not the FDA

The bodies are certainly not exactly satisfied with a wide-spread recognition as well as the form of publicity in which Electronic cigarettes are attracting. This FDA and also FTC happen to be decidedly unfriendly within their position towards electronic cigarettes. The initial tries by the FDA in order to prevent electronic cigarette imports towards the US and their category as drug shipping products and not just as tobacco products had been struck down by a Federal District Court a couple of years back.

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