Nursing Schools In Houston: Some Texas Schools Reject State Merit Pay Program

Many nurses believe that nursing schools in Houston is not only their vocation, it is their calling; that they are doing something for the society. Not everyone is suitable for becoming a one. Along with all the dedication and hard toil, you also need lots of patience and kindness. Graduation is a mark of respect and appreciation of your determination. Naturally, your announcements must be very good, in keeping with your eagerly awaited, wonderful graduation pinning ceremony. Graduating means that the student has completed schooling and is ready to venture into their chosen profession. Many courses are available through correspondence or distant learning. Whether the student has decided to take distant learning courses or obtain their degree through an actual campus where they took their studies, announcements are essential.

The classes usually include hands-on clinical learning and practice, while courses are usually in the form of printed or online courseware. Depending on where you live, hospitals or nursing homes may hold free CNA training in exchange for you working for them. The best way to check is to get your local phone book and call them up. Look up long term care centers and call them up and ask.

Some hospitals have contracts with local community colleges and offer their courses free to the student. There are also CNA/HHA Scholarship Programs, which sponsor free CNA and HHA training for qualified individuals who would like to become Certified Nurse Assistants and/or Home Health Aides (HHAs) and work in long term care. These programs often cover the full cost of training, including the CNA state certification exam. They are usually administered and funded by the states Department of Public Health.

The Armed Services also offer various training programs of the nursing schools in Houston. Through the Air Force Aid Society Spouse Employment Program, some facilities were recently approved to offer the Certified Nursing Assistant Program in partnership with Spectrum Medical Services. Through this program, the Air Force Aid Society will pay for 10 spouses of active- duty military to become certified nurse assistants. If you are a spouse of an active-duty military member and are interested in becoming a CNA, call the Airman and Family Readiness Center at the AFB.

Going beyond free CNA training, if you’re already a Certified Nursing Assistant and have been working in the same facility for some time, particularly if your employer has paid for your CNA classes, they may also be willing to send you back to school to get your RN certification.

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