PA Act 48 Online Continuing Education That Meet Pennsylvania’s Requirements

Parents want to know that their children’s teachers have the latest teaching information and are up to date on new educational theories and technologies. Many states require their educators to take continuing education and development courses throughout their careers. Pennsylvania has mandated that its teachers and administrators have one hundred eighty hours of approved course study over a five year period. The state government suggests educators and test givers refer to PA act 48 for guidance on which courses are acceptable.

There are a wide variety of courses to choose from, and a lot of pre-kindergarten teachers are interested in the blended learning classes that are available online. This course assists teachers in leading classes with limited structure. Young students are allowed to work on projects that most interest them at a pace that best suits them. This method is already being used successfully in classrooms throughout the country.

Learning how to start vegetable and fruit gardens on school grounds is another course that is gaining in popularity. Once again, some educators dismiss the idea as recreational rather than educational. The proponents of the project argue that science, math, technology, and the spirit of entrepreneurship can be taught along with the best methods for growing peas and carrots.

Middle school educators are often interested in the nutrition courses available. Their children are at a time in their lives when their bodies are beginning to change and hormones are kicking in. If they haven’t gotten nutritional information at home, teachers can learn more about guiding and encouraging students to make healthy dietary choices and give them the reasons why they should.

A great idea, that is catching on in public high schools across the country, is college and career readiness preparation. Teachers take courses that show them how to help juniors and seniors, about to enter technical institutes, colleges, or the workplace, the best ways to create an effective resume and how to make a good impression at one on one interviews. Educators also learn to evaluate the effectiveness of the core curriculum they teach.

Teaching language has become somewhat of a challenge because of all the social media and online communication outlets available to young people today. Many are using symbols and abbreviations in everyday writing. Language courses help teachers communicate the importance of proper grammar and speaking skills to students who otherwise might enter the business world without them.

Not all teachers are computer literate so there are a number of computer program courses to strengthen them in this area. There are basic classes and more advanced courses in word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet software. Most schools use servers to back up computer data, and teachers need to understand how this works.

No matter what kind of career someone has, it is important to continue learning about it and the subjects related to it. It is especially important for the individuals in charge of educating the next generation.

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