Sharing A Read Aloud Childrens Book Is One Of The Best Things You Can Do For Your Child

In today’s world many small kids have computers and other electronics they know how to use almost before they can walk. They play with electronic games and interact with video opponents for as long as their parents will let them do it. Many of those parents have busy lives and some even work multiple jobs in order to pay bills and put food on the table. It is a shame if they don’t take the time for a read aloud childrens book with their little ones at the end of the day.

Nothing is more important for a small child than time and attention from a parent. Taking time each day for reading books to a young child can make all the difference in their lives. They love to have a mom or dad act silly using funny voices and facial expressions to make the book’s characters come alive. It enriches the parents as well. This can be a wonderful way to relax and forget about the problems of the day for a little while.

Not only are parents enriching their children by spending quality time with them, but they are teaching them valuable lessons as well. Sometimes a book for children emphasizes the letters of the alphabet and incorporates that into the story being told. Kids don’t even realize they are learning the alphabet, but absorb it naturally.

Reading to children increases their vocabulary. While a parent is in the middle of a story, they can stop and ask the child whether he or she knows what a particular word or series of words mean. They can explain concepts and get into simple discussions of complex issues with even very young children. These are things children will take with them to the next level of understanding.

If is unfortunate that many children are not exposed to reading or have books that they have to look at themselves because the adult doesn’t take the time to share the words with them. Some get into a classroom environment and can’t tell the teacher the difference between the front and the back of books.

Teaching small children to be good listeners is an extremely important thing for parents to do. Not only does it make parenting easier, but it helps the child understand when to speak and when to let someone else talk. A bedtime story each night is a wonderful way to incorporate listening quietly with getting ready for a good night’s rest.

Kids who have parents who love reading usually enjoy the pastime themselves. Reading is a great way to improve language skills that will be important throughout their lives. People who have good language skills communicate more effectively than those that don’t. They tend to be more successful in their lives and careers as a result.

Sharing the experience and love of reading with a child enriches the life of the adult who reads and the child who listens. It is a treasured experience that lasts a lifetime.

The most engaging way to keep your little ones’ mind stimulated is to read aloud childrens book to them. To find out more, visit our website at

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