Starting Your Career Shift With SQL Server Courses

Having a job in the IT field presents a lot of opportunities for individuals who’ve attained an IT background. There are those working in the industry, however, who would like to shift careers within the industry such as computer technicians, and folks working as an IT helpdesk or customer support agent. It may be because they may like to see their work in a new light or just plain bored with their work routines. These individuals could benefit from SQL server courses, which are quite in demand right now.

SQL, which is short for Standard Query lingo, is a programming language for database management systems. The program was originally based on relational algebra and calculus, and was developed by Raymond Boyce and Donald Chamberlin for IBM in the 1970s. It was first used by the US government and military for accessing, saving and manipulating their records. Since then, SQL has become among the widely used database management programming language worldwide, completely changing the landscape of database management and paving the way for new technology like cloud computing.

New SQL trainees would benefit from SQL server courses this year since the programming language has undergone significant improvements in 2012. For example, the new SQL server has seen an increase in performance, data processing pace and security last year. These features include the Always On for recovering lost data during unexpected database failures, a quicker search attribute, improved scaling and a new column store index for indexing files. There’s also a new verification scheme for database migration and a new distributed replay attribute for testing workloads when changes are made to existing hardware and software.

Learning SQL is very advantageous for aspiring network and database administrators. The IT industry isn’t exactly a rigid, standardized field, which means each IT job seeks a clever mix of technologies and background from IT professionals. Thus it is wise for individuals who have completed their SQL server courses to upgrade their learning and take a follow up course like a Cisco training course from a reputable training and certification Singapore institution.

SQL certification holders could easily apply for an entry-level occupation as a programmer or developer at SAP or ORACLE or BPO organizations that rely on these software for database management. Just don’t forget to let your employer know about your preferred career path and your plans on how to attain it.

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