Suggestions From Educators Concerning Professional Development For Teachers

Teaching is one of the most important professions in the world. For most of the year, children are in the care of these educators. Parents expect them to comfort, console, befriend, and discipline their charges in addition to teaching them everything they need to know to become successful and productive citizens. This may be an impossible job, but many dedicated individuals attempt it daily and wouldn’t do anything else. In order to give them the best tools available, to make the work easier and more effective, professional development for teachers training is implemented.

Educator feedback is important to the leaders of these training sessions, and one thing they often hear is a complaint about speakers who have never actually spent time in the classroom. They may have advanced degrees and be published authors, but they have never faced a room full of children who would rather be somewhere else. Years of classroom teaching experience is preferable in someone instructing other experienced educators about the job they are already trained to do.

Education theories are of no interest to many in the teaching profession. They would rather deal with practical matters and hands on demonstrations when they attend seminars. Many professionals argue that theory and practice are complimentary, and are equally important. There have been many educational fads based on unsound theories over the years that have undermined the solid evidence about how different environments affect children and how children develop and learn. This is unfortunate because the unsound theories tend to be the ones most remembered.

Nobody ever got rich teaching children basic skills. The vast majority of educators are dedicated professionals who want their children to succeed and get excited about learning. They value constructive ideas about how to be better and more effective school and community leaders. Spending time on unnecessary reports and paperwork are common complaints made at seminars.

Some speakers at training sessions spend a lot of their time advancing ideas that sound great, but cannot be put immediately into practice in the classroom. These plans and ideas sometimes take weeks and months to develop and may only become practical too late in the school year to be of any help to the staff.

Relevance goes along with functionality. No teacher wants to take time away from their families to attend a training class that is designed for educators of children older or younger than the ones they teach. It can be frustrating if the discussions are not relevant to the situation they face in their classroom.

Very often classroom educators find it challenging and frustrating trying to communicate their problems and concerns to an administration that must coordinate budgets, curriculum, and politics. A lot of educators believe principals and board member would learn much by attending training sessions along with the classroom teaching staff.

Individuals who choose teaching in a classroom, with all the challenges and problems they face, should be given the most effective tools possible to do their jobs. Listening to their suggestions about the best way to do that is important.

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