The Effectiveness Of 2nd Grade Close Reading Activities

Reading different literary materials is a challenge. There is a certain way that writers put their work that does not come off as easy. For that reason 2nd grade close reading activities come in handy. This is a skill that enables students to sharpen their grasping skills. They will receive assistance from their teachers for the purpose of grasping the concept.

With time, the readers start becoming familiar with the strategy and start to read and reread independently. This helps them to master the strategy and have a deeper understanding of the content of the texts they are reading. Nurturing the skills requires time and different techniques. The following tips can help you strengthen close reading among your students.

Individuals teaching this skill must first master how it is done. There is no point in teaching what you are not aware of. This enables one to have a clue of the different questions that may be asked and the proper direction to give. Demonstrating how this is done is a good way to ensure the skill sticks to the minds of those listening and watching.

The purpose of such skills is to help students read increasingly complex texts over time. While choosing texts to use with the students, think about your aim behind every text. Look for comprehensions that raise authentic questions and could be interpreted differently based on the knowledge of a learner. Ensure that you occasionally assign stretch texts, which are meant to be challenging for a student to read independently, and may require some days of study.

It is important to first read through and have a general idea of the text. This is not enough when it comes to proper understanding. Individuals should then read through once more and in some cases twice. This helps when they have been asked to look for something specific. This could be the main message that the writer is trying to pass across and the general theme used.

Asking questions is also quite helpful to test what people have understood. The students will show that they have understood by recalling a specific excerpt from what they have read. Students may have previously read something similar to what is before them. They should be allowed to speak on this if need be. If there is no proper comprehension as identified through the question session, improvements will be necessary.

Discussions can be held during the session as reading goes on. Information about phrases that stand out in the read can be stated as their meanings are expounded on. Different literary tools put to use can also be noted. All this is meant to encourage individuals to think and share what they have in mind.

When you start letting questions and ideas of the students take the lead, you will find that your class is more invested in reading. You will play the role of keeping them grounded to the process of learning. As you probe into the questions of your students, you will learn more about where your students are and provide them with opportunities to deeply engage with the text. Ultimately, you will be learning everything you can from the students.

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