The Heroine In Lee Whitnum

A well known political woman and a writer in America called Lee Whitnum was born in the year 1960.She is popularly known for her forcefulness of protecting her country and citizens. Illegal and legal white collar jobs were on her agenda. To ensure that the right procedure was followed so as not to deny people employment opportunities. She found a career opportunity as a software engineer in the United States Army which she did for twelve years.

However in the year 2008, the American writer indulged in political affairs for the fourth congressional district elections. She faced her down fall when her running mate got higher votes than her by a good percentage. Lee on hearing the democratic elections decided she should give it a try. That was 2010 elections in America. After having studied the American Israel Public Committee, the writer said that they wasted cash that could help change the roads and communication systems of America. The American elections were largely interfered with by the committee.

Richard Blumenthal and Lee as preceding politicians were involved in elections. Richard made promises to the entire American continent but after he won, none of the promises were met. This was very annoying especially to whitnum.

And for the third time, Richard Blumenthal won the election. The attorney blamed Richard severally for he did not adhere to his promise of restoring the United States financial meltdown. She urged Richard to resign because that was a mistake that one could not escape. This was said in a press release. The political aspiration of Lee was something that she could not avoid.However she did not give up. She finally succeeded in being the democratically nominated candidate for senator race. That was in July 2012.

After all her down falls, Lee was still encouraged and proceeded to file her candidacy for a position as a United States senator in July, 2012. The politician had come up with four bills that she had written. The bills talked about rights, specifically to Palestinians who were looked upon by Americans.Their farms and land were grabbed from them by use of force and they were left helpless. This made Whitnum Lee feel for them and intervene on their behalf. She thought as a good leader, she had to act.

In another case by Lee, she proved to be a real activist by pointing out Peter Tesei who held meetings in Greenwich town to provoke the citizens. This was done in the town hall and the patriot in Lee was not impressed. She later made her speech on double standards that was completely the opposite of what Tesei had held in town hall. The press had a hand in helping her to air her thoughts and discoveries of the United States of America.

The American writer said a politician by the name Lieberman practiced treason which was not right. According to the press in February 2012, Lee told people that Lieberman pleaded with the European community so as they could go and fight in Iraq. According to the political woman, war and other unrighteous moves could lead the country nowhere; instead it could create hatred, no development and loss of property and life for no apparent reason.

Having being a student of Harvard University, Lee Whitinum got to learn a lot of things and found inspiration in other people in the University. Her administration and social policy course helped her know how to deal with different issues. Kerry held campaigns and when they were over, the activist posted articles on a Washington webpage in relation to the campaigns. Thousands of people reacted to the post. Lee was forced to act as a good leader and apologize for the mistake done.

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