The Need For Improving Educators Professional Development

For many people around the world and especially in the underdeveloped and developing nation, education is the key to success. This has led to increased investment and reliability in education as a means of eradicating poverty. With this in mind, teaching has emerged as one of the best paying and respectable occupations for many people. However, payment is conducted on basis of positions held in the various pay grades that are set aside. This discussion follows the reason that may contribute to Improving educators professional development in the course of their career over time.

Level of education that a teacher has. Different qualifications are required to teach in the various institutions both at the lower and higher levels. For instructors to be promoted, they must possess this qualifications and relevant licenses as required by the state. This are aimed at ensuring that the students have the most knowledgeable, educated and qualified instructor coaching them.

The Years that a tutor has been practicing teaching in the schools. At one particular time and as a result of death, resigning, retirement or school expansion, positions become vacant. When this is observed, a need to select a tutor from within the pool of currently employed ones is necessary. This calls for promotions of tutors that have worked and served in the school longest.

Good merits and admirable performance of educators in their field. Performance of the students is clear indication of the suitability, ability and skills of the instructor to deliver effective lectures and provide understandable context to students. Good acceptable performance in students indicate excellent teaching was conducted and tutors need to be motivated and rewarded though promotion.

Institutional size that has employed the tutor. Institution sized outlines the type of structure of management that will be developed and implemented in school. Management structure outlines the positions that are to be set aside for filling in school. These positions are the ones that will present the grounds for career advancement by tutors to serve set administrative capacities.

Instructor passion and commitment towards teaching. It goes without saying that teachers deliver the knowledge they have acquired overtime through investment in personal advancement in education to students. To wake up day in day out and attend to students without the feeling of being bothered requires a high degree of passion, love and commitment for teaching.

Gender of the instructor. Recent studies show that the likelihood of men to be promoted to take up more duties and responsibility is high in contrast with the ladies. It is caused by the perception that men are generally more equipped, skilled and able to handle challenges that come with additional obligations as compared to the female colleagues in same institution.

Ethnicity and political influences. There is a saying that goes, man is to error. When positions become vacant in an institution, no matter what transparency measures are implemented, it is nearly impossible to prevent the influences of politics and ethnicity. This influences lead to favoring and promotions of instructors that share cultural ties with the management of institutions they work in at the expense of their peers.

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