The Poignant History Of Gift Giving

Most of our customs and traditions that we practice these days can actually be traced back to hundred years ago in mankind’s history. In the middle of these traditions is the custom of gift giving. For those who do not know, gift giving is an ancient practice ever since the dawn of humanity. In fact, in the ancient times, it is customary that individuals offer the high people of their community including their ethnic leaders some gifts in form of unique objects and natural substances like reeds and barks. This very old custom, which is still a modern practice, is done to signify respect, expression of allegiance and to procure favours.

Throughout history, around the world, you will find multitudes of present giving customs and traditions. As a matter of fact, as part of their very old traditions, ancient individuals give gifts to their Gods in types of valuable metals, jewellery, animal life and in some cases human lives. In Egypt, among probably the most flamboyant gifts of their culture are the great pyramids and monuments of Pharaohs whom they valued as Gods.

In the early Roman culture, it has been customary to offer gifts to one another during the first day of the year and on special ocassions . Sweet cakes is given because of the belief of creating the upcoming year sweet, lamps to light the journey through life and coins for riches. Furthermore, it’s a Roman tradition to provide small gifts during birthdays.

Even in today’s modern world, we still put into custom gift giving for wide range of reasons. We give presents to our family to indicate just how much we love them and that we keep in mind their special events in lives such as birthdays, welcoming, holidays, farewells, to celebrate birth or just because we wish to. Furthermore, we give gifts for religious and cultural reasons like Christmas and Easter. In the business world, it’s customary to give corporate present. In fact, in the Merlion City it is quite common to give Corporate Gift Singapore.

It’s safe to say that present giving is an excellent very old tradition that we still do until now. We must always keep in mind that, a present does not have to be a tangible item. Price does not really count that much. The present can be a loving and expressive hug. It can be a chore or an endeavour. Whatever it is, the value doesn’t really matter , what matters is the thought of giving gifts.

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