Things To Know About Islam And The Challenges Of The Middle East

The world today is facing new challenges and problems for many reasons. Economic development is one of the challenges that every nation faces today no matter how hard they try to avoid it. Despite taking the necessary economic reforms in many countries across the globe and having a great success in achieving stability and avoiding a crisis, each nation still experiences the problems.

The challenges that a nation may experience can provoke certain issues. This includes foreign intervention, extremism, terrorism, corruption, civil war, and authoritarianism. These issues are both daunting and dismaying. With several problems and issues present today, it is quite difficult to determine where to start the process when addressing them and what other countries can do for the betterment of their counterparts. Actually, there are certain things to know about Islam and the challenges of the middle east.

Violence is one of the common problems in a nation. It is considered as a public health concern. It shows that the first reaction to all problems that arise in the East is violence to kill. Aside from that, the concept of honor is another problem from the culture. Based on their culture, No Muslim accepts humiliation and those being humiliated will seek vengeance against people who caused them shame and that vengeance means murdering someone.

Another problem is corruption. In some culture, appointing a family member or a relative to a certain position is considered as an act of favoritism. Since it is a serious problem, there are implemented laws and rules that should be followed to prevent them from occurring. Economic corruption is also a growing concern nowadays.

A government official often feels indebted financially to his tribe or family, but not to the country and definitely not to the people. Actually, there are leaders usually allocate funds for the infrastructure in the areas where his supporters reside. He does not mind allocating funds to certain groups that did not help and support him.

Another problem is the religion. Actually, Islam is the major religion in the East. But activists see other religious groups as nonbelievers. This is actually the primary reason for violence rates to increase. However, every country is different, specifically if the nation has their own beliefs and rules in religion.

Nowadays, the world is facing a lot of challenges and problems. The crime rates are increasing each and every day. That is why people cannot sleep well at night. People are scared to walk around because they fear for their lives. Public safety is now a major concern. Some causes of increased crime rates are the drug trade. But remember, individuals, engage in these illegal activities for many reasons.

So instead of allowing an unemployment rate to increase, the government should hire youth as security personnel and increase security in the entire country. Also, kidnapping activity is growing fast nowadays. They kidnapped country kids in exchange for ransom money. Actually, one reason for such event is unemployment since many people are stressed with joblessness.

Some countries are having a hard time to improve because of these concerns. However, if those issues are properly addressed, with the joint effort of both the government and the civilians, everything is possible and peace will reign.

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