Ways Of Ensuring That Your Child Catches Up With Accelerated Reading Tests

The use accelerated test on children ability to read has been used by parents as well as teachers to inspire children to embrace reading. A significant number of kids still fail to become competent in accelerated reading even after taking the tests. The article below has crucial information that will help you to motivate your kids to read more and improve their skills at home and school as well.

Your child should have a timer set in intervals of their readings. Once the timer rings, you can ask them about what they have understood while reading and if there are images ask them to draw. They are able to understand the different image contents of what they have just learnt. Once they are done, you can ask them to summarize the lessons in one word.

Another good way is by listening to them read aloud and taking note of their pronunciations and correcting them when they err. Before they turn the page, ask them questions on the content they have read to test their understanding. In asking them questions you also prepare their mentality on the kind of questions that may arise in a setting of as story.

Kids are not able to make the right decision on what to read and when in a bookstore they may end up books that are beyond their comprehension. A wise parent should be keen on what the child reads. Make sure you introduce your kids to books with simple terms and as their studying culture grows to introduce more complex books. A book with a language too difficult for the kids can kill the children morale and suck their studying energies completely. The books you chose for the kids should mostly have a single script; a book with different stories can be hard to comprehend for the kids.

The reading rules stipulate that the kids should read at least five times before going through the test. These rules should be strictly followed. Some words may be very difficult for your child and they may be unable to read them.

Studying books should be read at least five times before one is tested. This should be a rule set aside that is mandatory. Sometimes when a child is reading, they get stuck on certain words. Ask them to read the sentence afresh and figure out the meaning of that word. This way they get the meaning of that word easily. The word should then be written at the top of that page as a reminder. When this is done severally they will learn to infer certain context meanings.

To create a studying interest on the kids read the story before they read and narrate the story for them, this creates curiosity to read and discover for them what is going on in the story. Studying becomes interesting if you already know what to expect and this applies to kids too.

When you closely follow the above rules and still your kid does not excel in the tests, you need to find a solution. You can check the strengths and weaknesses of your kid in that particular lesson. You should check on how fluent they are especially when they are answering the questions. You should ensure that they understand the tough words and work in correcting their weaknesses.

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