Ways To Increase Understanding Christian Faith

The real meaning of the word Christian means Christ behavior. In other words, people see Christians as those who possess the very nature and likeness of Christ. A Christian can be called a child of God or someone who is born again. Becoming a Christian begins with understanding Christian faith while continuing as one requires preventing any obstacle that hinders growth and maturity. Factors that can hinder such growth include irregular prayer habit, lack of quiet time, following bad friends, sinning willfully, not going to church, not spreading the good news and falling to temptation.

Any person who calls himself a Christian but does not read the Bible is likely to fall into temptations or carried away by all sorts of doctrines. That was the major concern of Peter, one of the apostles of Jesus Christ in his letter to the new converts. The account can be found in the book of 1 Pet 2. Christians are expected to read it in the morning, during morning devotion, and at nights before going to bed.

Willful sinning is when a person commits sin with the intention of praying for forgiveness immediately after gaining satisfaction from it. The Bible discourages Christians from doing this when it says we should not continue to sin so that grace may abound. Many people who do this agree that it brings their spiritual life low.

Christians are expected to pray at all times. A born again who does not pray is a powerless one and he invites thieves (Satan and his agents) into his life. God wants Christians to pray without ceasing. It is a means of having a continuous encounter with God.

Evil communication corrupts good manners. The Bible in the book of Psalms 1:1 discourages Christians from being in bad company. According to the passage, bad company includes the sinners, the scoffers and the wicked. The passage describes any Christian who avoids them as a happy and a prosperous one.

Apart from Sunday services, the church also organizes activities such as prayer meetings, Bible study, house meetings, choir practice and more. These activities are meant for the Christians to gain more experience and knowledge for fighting evil in the last days. It can help children of God understand how to uphold their faith in more practical ways.

The Bible also encourages Christians not to yield to temptation. Temptations are there to make a child of God progress from one level of the faith to the next higher level. There are many biblical examples of people who got the favor of God by not yielding to temptation and they include Jesus Christ, Joseph and Daniel.

When people give their lives to Christ, they are expected to grow in His word, pray, attend fellowships and evangelize in order to grow. Christians who evangelize feel much more renewed after every session because the Holy Spirit enables and empowers them. The Bible says it is a wise thing for Christians to make out time to preach the gospel.

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