What To Know About GA Insurance License Issuance

Before you are qualified to sell any insurance, one must be able to undergo some tests. One will also need to apply and follow the right instructions in getting the required license in this field. When you enroll at the reputable A. D. Banker & Company, you can be certain that you are on the right path with this career. To qualify for GA insurance license issuance, you have to be dedicated to the training and requirements set.

Different forms of the courses are provided which include self-study, video lectures, classrooms and online classes. Regardless of your course choice, it will be taught in accordance to the licensing examination. Upon completion of the course and after having satisfied the requirements, you will be provided with a certificate. It is important bearing in mind that the certificate validity lasts for a year. After this period, you should be examined and pass the tests.

Passing the state examination is the other uphill task. Before being issued with the license, the state licensing department is keen to carry out thorough background checks on the particular applicant. The licensees must then be fingerprinted and give consent to background check. Once this is done, and the check and the fingerprints are found to be free of criminal and integrity issues you are subjected to the state examination where the pass mark is 70 percent. If you meet this mark you are issued with the license.

Before you take on the test, it is important that you prepare well in advance. You are required to pay for the fee in advance and also arrange for the reservation with your exam provider. The tests are issued by the PearsonVUE. The right way of paying the fees should be through electronic way, debit or credit cards. One should be ready to have proof in case of any misunderstanding on the fees paid.

Reservations can be made online through the exam website or placed through a phone call. There are, however, time limits over the same as short as 24 hours and as long as five days depending on the mode of payment. Name of the exam and preferred date and test center location must be communicated at the time of reservation.

In addition to preparing thorough for the examination, you should provide your secondary and primary recognition documents. Primary documents may be a passport or driving license which is valid. On the other hand, secondary documents are credit or debit card.

There are specific measures that should be observed during the material examination day. First and foremost, you should be at the examination venue 30 minutes earlier. This will help in verifying your documents. Furthermore, you will be photographed for purposes of communication and recognition of the score report. The exam room has restrictions of using phones, laptops, and watches. It is illegal revising or studying for the exam in the examination area. The exam administrator will provide the examination materials. The good thing is that before the test there will be a tutorial.

The major exam is given in a multiple choice format with two sections. The first section entails a general section that tests the basics of insurance knowledge and various products. The second section tests on insurance laws that are applicable in Georgia. When you complete the exam, you will receive a score report indicating a pass or fail.

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