Who is Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch, who is he in the News and on TV? Hey people, today I will be giving you the low down on Rupert Murdoch. Who happens to be one of the richest man in world. You will get the good and the bad and the ugly truth. Keith Rupert Murdoch was born March 11,1931 in Melbourne, Australia. Rupert Murdoch goes by his middle name which was the name of his maternal grandfather.

Murdoch was know dummy he attended college at oxford University which was locate in England. Living his life like as a party boy in his younger age. Everything came to a sudden stop when his father died. Leaving him the owner of his father newspaper company. Things changed physical with the paper after the passing of his dad.

Scandals, sex and crime is what the newspaper now consist of. Exactly why TV news and newspaper are so degrading today. Which I will discuss with you a little later. This changes the views of the world a lot. Approximately 3 years later is when people were looking loving this new outlook on how the newspaper was giving out information. Years later he created a national newspaper called the Australian. Making a big name for his self Mr. Murdoch was estate was worth 50 million in 1968.

Rupert Murdoch has struck rich because he has attracted readers to read about sex, crime and nudity on News and TV News. His main focus seemed to be tabloid. In 1973 Rupert Murdoch made his way into the United States. Trying the same News style he used in Australia and England. Rupert Murdoch did quite well for himself in the US. In 1974 he founded a national tabloid called the star, in 1976 he purchased the New York New Post and in 1979 he established a News Corporation.

Using the news corporations to hold his different media projects. He became part owner of the Los Angles Lakers and Los Angles Kings. This man was making a name for his self in entertainment and TV. 1985 Rupert was the proud owner of Independent TV stations and also Twentieth Century Fox film corp putting everything under Fox, INC.

On to the next subject which is the media corporations and how they are a big influence on what’s going on in the world today. Giving us nothing more than a negative mindset and no positive feedback. Breaking news is what they call it and it’s to inform us to live in fear because something else bad has happened. Rupert Murdoch is a big part of the problem because these are his networks that are broadcasting this mess all they care about is the huge amount of people tuning in and not about how this really have a affect on the world. Why Rupert is living his life we are wondering what’s going to happen next because that’s all we now is to think wrong. Some of the things that keep us in fear are shootings in school, letting your kids play outside, war on Iraq, police brutality, and the list goes on.

News anchors be hyping up things and don’t have their facts straight. I just want to tell you you can do better. There are a lot of more important things to do with your time rather than watching the blue box or TV because it is designed to keep your brain limited. I don’t know about you but I’ve been feed up. This is a jaw dropper and it’s time to stop living in fear and live your life my friend.

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