About Private Versus Public Schools

When you decide that you want to send your child to a private school you are sure to be surprised by just how many there are. Within the States, 25% of both elementary and secondary schools are private. Since there are so many, choosing the right kind can be tricky. You will find military schools, day and boarding schools, and more, all listed as private. When you understand what differences exist between them, you will have an easier time making a decision.

What, if any, are the differences between independent and private schools? Although the terms are used interchangeably, it is important to understand that there are differences between these. For instance, most private institutions fall under a larger group, such as a religious body. Catholic schools are a good example. Independent schools, as the name suggests, do not fall under a larger group such as a Church. Both the private and independent schools obtain funding through donors and sundry fees.

Country day schools, or just day schools, are also often private. They are usually to be found in the suburbs. Children attend school during the day. Boarding and residential schools provide lodging for the students. Residential schools are different to boarding schools in that the kids only stay at the school during the week, not over the weekends.

If your child has special requirements you can enroll him/her in a special needs school. Some focus mainly on emotional needs, but others take learning and physical disabilities into account as well. If your child has a particular talent they want to focus on, you will also find special needs schools that address this. If this is the kind of school you want to enroll your child in, you will need to be specific about what you are requiring.

Military schools are great if your child is interested in the military. With more than 25 military schools around the country you are sure to find one that your child will enjoy. These kinds of schools put a lot of emphasis on team building, patriotism, leadership, and so on.

Religious schools are perfect for those parents that want their child schooled in a specific religion. Your child will be schooled in the tenets of the religion, the beliefs, and practices. Some are very strict while others are more relaxed. If you are looking for a parochial school, like catholic school Sydney, you are sure to find the ideal one, as there are many. They obtain their funding via the church and through sundry fees and fundraising events.

There are other private and independent schools such as the Montessori and Waldorf schools. Both of these kinds of schools have a different way of approaching education, with greater emphasis placed on certain aspects. For instance, at a Montessori school, students are encouraged to be independent and individual. There are no grades, kids aren’t rewarded and punished, and the classes are not restricted to certain ages. At Waldorf school kids are encouraged to explore their imagination. Music, the arts, and language all play a major role and, as with Montessori schools, there are no grades.

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