Accent Reduction Classes For Improved Pronunciation

Strong accents can be a hindrance when trying to communicate in another language and can prevent achievement of personal and professional goals. In the competitive world we live in today, it is vital to communicate as clearly as possible. Mastery of a language means more than just learning vocabulary and grammar. It also means having to pronounce words correctly and understand the rhythm of the language being spoken as all languages have a different rhythm. Accent reduction classes are available to help you do this.

In order to become proficient in a language, one has to go beyond simply learning the grammar and vocabulary. Every language has its own intonations, stresses and rhythms which have to be learned. Training in these areas is offered by many companies today who offer all kinds of different options for learning. Some people prefer to learn by themselves using online software. Others enjoy attending workshops or small classes. One-to-one coaching is also offered and this is often the best way to learn for those who have difficulty with learning. It is important to make sure that trainers are certified and experienced.

When selecting a coach, it is important to choose someone who is trained and experienced in helping people who are struggling with their accents. There are different types of coaching. Some people, such as telemarketers require coaching to help them with scripted speeches. Others want to reduce their accents to help them in their daily lives. Obviously, the one is more complex than the other and a coach must understand what results are expected.

A thorough evaluation of individual speech patterns is conducted. This may involve reading of words, sentences and paragraphs. Speech in conversation is also noted. Once information has been collected, the trainer will decide what needs to be done. A set of goals based on individual needs will be developed.

The most common errors which are picked up are pronouncing of vowels and consonants incorrectly. Languages all have different rhythms and intonations and these errors are also common, with stress often being placed on the wrong syllables or words. These problems require a change in the way the tongue and lips move. New muscles need to be developed and this can only happen with practice.

Eliminating an accent is therefore not something that happens overnight. Many people often expect instant results and give up too quickly. Research has revealed that it can take as much as three months of daily practice to develop the muscles in the mouth and tongue for the speaking of a different language.

Participants are taught where they are making mistakes. They learn how to distinguish the difference between how they are saying a word and how it should sound so that they can begin to pick up their own errors. Difficult sounds are often mastered by playing games or doing activities. Workbooks may also be used for practicing.

Accent reduction classes can do a great deal towards helping individuals meet their personal and professional goals. As they become familiar with the new sounds, their self confidence grows. This helps remove any hindrances to progress in the workplace and social integration.

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