Learn to Speak French Fast – How To Learn Quickly

by Adrian Fletcher

If you are keen to learn to speak French fast, but feel that it isn’t possible or feel that you don’t have the necessary skills or aptitude to do it then don’t be concerned. Anyone can learn French, regardless of their age, experience or aptitude. Provided you are prepared to stay focused and put the work in, you will be successful. You already learned one language so why not make that two.

Indeed, apart from your bread and butter skills, like reading, writing, comprehension, grammar understanding and pronunciation, you need to get your attitude to learn a new language right.

Think about how you learned your mother tongue. It could have taken you up to 1-3 years before you started talking properly. Then you started to learn about the language proper by getting formal education. You learned informally by listening to other people and practicing everyday.

The point being that you shouldn’t get frustrated if you can’t speak French well after 3 months or still struggle with elementary grammar after 6 months. It will take time to sink in, but it will sink in. We are programmed to let it sink in provided we give it the time and stay focused. Now, with this said, here are a few resources that can help you learn French fast.

So the first destination to learn French fast is the internet. Learning with audio-visual material is the best way in my opinion. So look to video websites like youtube for French speaking videos, music videos, interviews and whatever you can think up. Also, try reading French websites. If you use a computer everyday, set your homepage to a popular French language site. When it starts up read whatever takes your fancy. Also think about joining a French language forum. The topic of the forum could be learning French or anything that really interests you.

Again, on the internet you will find basic course and podcasts teching French. Many of these are free to download. You could even try a one on one lesson over a free voip service with a French language teacher in France or any French speaking country.

What about TV or DVD’s to learn French fast. DVD’s are ideal because you can switch between English and French in audio and subtitles. This means you can practice all the skills you need to learn the language.

Watching a movie is an easy way to get regular French practice in and is relatively painless too. If you are enjoying the movie, the learning will be going on in the background. Think of it like a squash game if you like. While you are smashing that little ball round the court you are reducing stress and getting exercise in the process without having to focus on it.

Music can also be a useful way to learn French fast. The best way to do this is to have the music on in the background. you will find that if you do this often enough, you will start understanding the lyrics and understanding French better too. Look for music that has strong vocals. although French Techno is great it won’t teach you much French language skills. The same goes for many trendy songs that are likely to be fast or include slang that will just confuse you.

So hopefully some of these ideas will help you to learn French fast. They make it easy to always to listening or seeing French being spoken. This consistent approach to learning a new language is key to being successful in such an endeavor.

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