Door-To-Door Scams Increasing

Always be wary of people selling stuff door to door, as a number are rip-off artists. Besides Girl Scouts attempting to get people hooked on diabolically addicting cookies, there are a number of door-to-door scams out there.

Fraud artists running door-to-door scams increasing

According to NBC News, there is an increase being reported nationwide in the number of door-to-door frauds, some of which are scamming individuals out of hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, leaving them at risk of needing to get payday loans to survive.

Police force officials and the Better Business Agency are reporting increased activity nationwide in the number of grievances about individuals who sell things door-to-door and never deliver the promised goods, among other things. Intimidating sales tactics are employed by some of the perpetrators to get individuals to shell out for whatever good or service they’re selling.

Make sure you know when it is a scam and when it is real; there are a lot of truthful salesmen that are really trying to sell you something legitimate.

Not really offering periodicals

The most common door-to-door scam is a periodical scam. In all of 2011, there were 1,300 complaints, according to NBC News, at the BBB. This year there have already been over 1,000 grievances.

Generally, the con is that the door-to-door salesman will show up and sell a person one or several magazine subscriptions, only for the magazines to never arrive. It’s also common for the periodical “sales” to be linked to some kind of fundraiser, often for a high school or some sort of educational trip.

Lamar County, Colorado, according to CBS Denver, the Dallas Fort Worth Area, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and Spokane, Washington, according to KHQ, are all areas where bogus periodical subscriptions have been showing up recently. They are just a few examples too since there have been a lot of warnings issued in areas.

Looking at other cons

You need to stay away from home repair cons and, according to NBC News, “security system” scams. The security system scams sell you a burglar alarm that ends up being really bad or just never arrives just like the periodical frauds do.

There are some legitimate sales, but a ton of them are not, and it can be hard to turn away a poor kid who needs extra cash. Consumer Reports points out that alarm scams and magazine frauds are much more common in the summertime when college and high school students are hired by scam businesses to sell you stuff.

Also beware of Girl Scouts selling cookies. Those things are addicting.

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