How Most Internet Marketing Gurus Are Ripping Off People Off

by Tim May

Ever notice how most internet marketing gurus are ripping off people? You know what I am talking about. All you ever hear every day on the internet is the same talk about killing your job and starting your own online business.

You often hear marketing scams that say, \”Quit your job and make twice that from home,\” and \”Be your own boss.\” You then decide to give it a try and go to the website listed, only to find out it is cluttered with the same mumbo jumbo as all the others. The page is extremely long, and the claims they make are outrageous. Especially the ones that say you can make $100,000 in 90 days or less.

Finally, they all claim to have the secret to making money on the internet and living a happier and richer life. They follow up with this by telling you to try their free DVD, which then only provides you what the web site just told you, and the DVD tells you to purchase their software or mentoring program. This is how most internet marketing gurus are ripping off people.

It is sad really to see how many people truly fall for these gurus trickeries. People are so caught up in the images of luxury cars, houses, vacations, boats and money that they become blind to what is really happening.

In hopes of a new life they purchase the digital books offered to them. The digital books on the other hand often instruct the consumer to purchase another item so that they can better reach their goals. Sometimes they ask that you pay a monthly fee so that you can continue your much needed training and receive special tips. They then tell you to sell as much of their products as you possibly can so you can make up the difference.

There are a few things you may notice in a guru marketing scam. One is by getting you to pay monthly they are trapping you within their system. The second is tricking you into buying multiple items so that you have a better success rate.

Unfortunately, while you are out there working your tail off, they are reaping your rewards. They know exactly what they are doing. They are getting rich off of scamming you and me. This is how they make all of their millions they are showing consumers when they see their luxury house, car or vacation. If you really think about it, they are thieves.

You can’t win this game unless you start fooling people yourself. Is this what you want to do? I don’t think so. You know deep inside that they will eventually pay the price for fooling other people somehow. They make millions off of people that are desperate and make them lose their last shirt. Do not end up as one of these people. Visit for more information.

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