money making scams

by jo stevens

Make money online is attracting more than 6 percent of internet users this days, those are the most vulnerable and easy to scam people. The are desperately in need of a solution to their financial problem, they are willing to pay what they have left or even to sink more deeper in dept only to have some solution to their problems; here comes the salesmen with long sales letter, some fake pictures of checks and fake testimonials.

Yes there are millions of dollars earned daily on the internet, yes any one can make money on the internet, and also loss money, but there are no secrets. There are only three ways to make money online:

1. By selling products, you can sell products on line and earn affiliate commission. Pay Per Sale 2. You can only bring in potential costumers to the company and earn money without they even buy. Pay Per Lead. 3. Advertising in your website. You can put some ads, banners or any sort of advertisement and get paid.

When affiliates began to sell digital products on line they become greedy, why to sell a $30 e-book and earn $10 dollars, I can sell my own e-book and make the whole $30, better I can have other affiliate work for me and selling my book. That made those greedy affiliate develop absolutely useless products and selling them on EBay or Click Bank.

The secrets of how to make money online: There are no secrets at all, it is information and how to effectively put this information to work; the more knowledge and experience you get the more money you can make; and the process become easier with the time. The basic element of making money online is having a website or a “blog”, you need to offer some unique valuable content and with the content you can make a recommendation to a product or service, and earn commission if your visitor purchased the product.

How many times did you recommended a product, a movie, a song or a service to your relatives and friends; the same here with one deference you get paid. Some guys have developed some tricks, how to drive traffic to your website, like SEO tricks and free advertising tricks, they have done so by their knowledge and experience. You can buy some good book or e-course to learn fast and avoid some mistakes but you need to choose carefully.

Her is an easy way to avoid scams: There is an online service called Click Bank they have thousands of products, most of them are e-books, reports and courses that you can download immediately after purchasing. So if you did not like the product ask click bank to refund you with the money, don’t be shy and don’t wait.

In the products sales page you will find a “money back guarantee” 30 or 60 days some goes to even 90 days. Some are honest and want you to see the value they deliver, others are only playing smart, the will count on you not to ask for your money back. Or even forget to do so that’s why they give 60 or more. Don’t be shy and don’t delay ask for your money back from the owner and from click bank.

I know some guys from all over the world they have a simple, I can say primitive website The Arabian-affiliate dot com, but they are honest and few weeks a go they launched a products and programs reviews in their website, it was great but I think they were not ready for the fight so the pages went down. I hope they will do it a gain.

But please if you have a knowledge about any bad program, scam or worthless product let these guys know, contact them and the will publish your review to help others to avoid these hypes and scams. Fight even if it is for $1, do not accept it and help prevent it. Almost every month I by books and courses online, to improve and grow my business, and I honestly can say that more of 50% of the products I buy are worthless and useless and even idiotic. But it’s still selling online.

If you want to make money online you need to have your own website and to learn how to promote this website and get traffic, you need also to join the legitimate and powerful MLM or affiliate program. And if you don’t have any idea how to start, I think you need to see Ston Evans system, in 30 days only he will build a simple but effective website and he will make you an expert in this field, he is my teacher and I will be forever thankful.

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