Beautiful Tea And Coffee Gift Baskets Anybody Would Like To Own

There are some people that are difficult to find presents for. Either they are so picky or they just seem to have everything already. Do you have acquaintances like these? If you do, a great gift to give them is tea and coffee gift baskets?they are timeless and elegant presents, perfect for anybody for any occasion.

Great presents for the practical and unsentimental kinds of people are edible gift baskets. The only setback with this is that sometimes you deal with certain kinds of food (like dairy products or fresh produce) so the recipients are forced to consume it within a specific period of time. Work around this by giving well packaged food with the latest possible expiration date.

Most people are classified either as coffee or tea drinkers. Personally, I have not been infected with the whole coffee phenomena yet but many of my friends are. They drink at least 5 cups of java just to see them through the day. Now this is not a habit we are advocating but it is a common habit we see. Find out if your recipient falls under the coffee or tea loving category and present a basket as is appropriate to their taste.

If you are planning to give a coffee basket, get packs of coffee beans or some gourmet blends in the grocery or online specialty stores. You can take your pick from several more exotic kinds and put it in with a beautifully designed mug or a cool tumbler the person can use anytime. Set this in a basket along with croissants, several jars of delectable jams and unsalted butter if possible. The recipient will find a delightful meal open before him as he unwraps the well planned and thoughtful package you gave.

There are also more than a few varieties of tea available for all the tea lovers out there. If you ask me, I love the fruity flavored ones because they taste excellent as iced tea when chilled. If you are unfamiliar with the person’s preference, it is better to give him a more traditional kind like English Tea or Green Tea. Add in several scones and delicious marmalade for good measure.

Consider presenting both coffee and tea together and arrange them as beautiful breakfast gift baskets. Find a large wicker tray or basket and place inside the packs of coffee and tea beside each other. For people you especially want to impress, include an exquisite looking tea set for two along with charming little jars of fruit preserves they can use to spread on toast. These lovely breakfast gift baskets will surely stand out from all the other generic presents.

When you give these tea and coffee baskets, I need to warn you to make more of these soon. People love these presents and always ask for more of these from the creative and generous giver. Anybody would be pleased to have one of these beautiful gift baskets?thanks to you, someone is.

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