Comfortable Nursing Shoes- How to Find the Best Nursing Shoes

by Allison Morrison

Comfortable Nursing Shoes- How to Find the Best Nursing Shoes

Nuses and hospital workers know that we are on our feet constantly for twelve long hours a day making comfortable nursing shoes a must. Nurses are always moving and good shoes help us to meet the physical requirements of our jobs.

What does it take to find the right pair of comfortable work shoes? The right or best pair of shoes for you is a matter of choice. The best place to start is with safety and be comfortable too.

Follow these tips to help you find the perfect pair of nursing shoes:

1. Most hospitals require closed toes, and sometimes closed heel shoes to keep your feet safe from injury on the job.

2. Nursing shoes are often padded generously along the soles of the feet to keep your legs and feet from getting tired while working.

3. If your feet and legs tire easily from standing, be sure to add a pair of gel inserts for extra support.

4. The support of the arch is a critical thing to consider when trying on shoes. A well fitting arch support is necessary when working for long periods.

5. Choose leather or synthetic leather for oxford style shoes or clogs. Leather conforms to the shape of your foot providing an excellent fit, and is as long wearing as it is comfortable to wear.

6. Is a waterproof shoe or clog important? If you work in the operating room, emergency, or labor and delivery waterproof shoes are a virtual necessity. Select closed toe, waterproof shoes or clogs with non-slip soles to protect your feet from fluid exposure and prevent falls.

7. To get the maximum comfort in your nursing shoes, be sure to get the right size. Poor fitting shoes, either too long or too short, may lead to foot problems down the road.

8. Check the fit of the heel before buying. A well fitting pair of shoes should not be tight enough to pinch the heel, or loose enough to slip.

Your feet will appreciate the effort you take to find a pair of comfortable nursing shoes. How do you find the best pair of shoes for long days on the job? The secret is in finding the best fit for YOUR foot.

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