Learning To Make Your Lead Capture Pages Convert Much Better

Learning how to create an effective and profitable squeeze page is something that anyone can learn how to do and do for themselves. But the thing about it is you need to be patient with the process. You might try a squeeze page and it will work phenomenally, yet in another niche it will miserably fail despite your best efforts. That is the most frustrating thing to experience, but remember there are sound reasons for that when it does happen. We will not discuss three specific elements of creating squeeze pages so you can have more success.

People are still in love with video which is why they work so well with high conversions. They can be but are not guaranteed to work well with conversions. But, you should experiment with using video on your squeeze pages. If you are working with professionals, videos can still work but they have to be a higher quality. If you know your niche, then you will not have a problem with the video content. Just like with written content, there are important things to know when it comes to presenting video content.

Are you going to use a header graphic? If so, consider the possibility of leaving it off altogether. Good idea to test this and see what converts best for you – testing is the only way to find out these things. The best way to test is to use two opt in boxes. One will have a header, and the other will not. The right side of the squeeze page (on one of them) should have the opt in box.

Then you will use the other opt in box with a header graphic. Higher conversions will more than likely occur as this is what happens with header graphics and opt in boxes. You really just have to find out what works the best with your page and your audience.

If you choose to avoid using video on your squeeze page, then that is fine. Even though you can use videos, you can stick to the tried and true sales copy that has worked for so many people over the years. It will take a little bit of extra effort on your part, as well as knowledge, when crafting a video squeeze page. If you can find a decent squeeze page (with only text and graphics) this might be easier for you to do. When you make one, you can use this as reference so that you can create one you like. Then, once you have made the squeeze page, change the text and images to more closely match the niche you are in. Making squeeze pages is actually pretty easy once you have done one or two of them. You have learned something new, today, but just be sure you actually take action. Failure to take action is the single biggest hurdle facing most people. It’s easy to fall into the trap of constant learning, reading, and buying new ebooks, etc.

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